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Carers allowance while earning? - Carers UK Forum

Carers allowance while earning?

All about money
Hi all,
I've been caring for my partner for over a year now and I keep being told by other carers that I should be claiming carers allowance because they are (one of them earns £65k and still gets it!!). I work from home running my own business which doesn't cover the bills but does earn more than £123 a week (I'm caring full time, 24hrs a day and can only work because it's from home). I can't seem to find what these people are claiming that gets them almost £400 a month! Could they be on a legacy carers allowance or am I missing something? Considering my earnings are about £500 short of my costs per month atm, that extra money would be a lifesaver!! Can anyone help?
Thanking you in advance :D
Dom x
one of them earns £65k and still gets it!!

I would like to know how ?

Full sp on Carers Allowance from elsewhere on this site :

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... -allowance

The earnings section ... then compare with what your contact said ?

( Can earn more than £ 123 per week PROVIDED THAT one goes down the marshaling route ... personal pension contributions normally the easiest. )

Benefits / allowances in general ... time for a full m.o.t. ?

An online benefits calculator ... and number crunching time :


Once you have input what's relevant to you , any surprises revealed ?

Self employed / expenses deductible ... spelt out in that link ... do NOT confuse with those the TaxMan allows !

Purely for an addendum ... the recent DWP purge on carers ... 80,000 odd said to be caught :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... wp%20purge

Makes interesting reading ?
That's what I thought Chris! I've done all those things previously, and never been entitled on any benefit checker, which is why I wondered how the hell this other person was managing to get it!
I have to assume it's a legacy benefit and will be cut soon. It just hurt when he said "it's only something like £385 a month, not that much", and I thought sod off, that could save my life! 😂
But then there's never enough for those who actually need it, right? 😕
There is no legacy benefit, this person isn't telling you the truth!!

Tell us more about your caree. There may be other money available from different sources.