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Anyone else wonder how these PIP scores are calculated? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Anyone else wonder how these PIP scores are calculated?

All about money
bowlingbun wrote:
Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:39 am
As I have arthritis, I couldn't fill in the paper form, so DWP sent someone to help me. Really helpful.
I was asked if M could dress himself? Yes
Did he always put on the RIGHT clothes for the weather and what he was going to do? No. He would put on shorts when it was cold in March if it was a sunny morning, and forget to put on a warm coat if it was cold. Because of this, he DID "need help when dressing". Hope that helps.
I wonder how they even sleep at night? I supplied a lot of details on my cared for person’s physical impairments to no avail unfortunately. I wrote quite a lot about his inability to walk and included photocopies of evidence to support my claim. One question I was asked was he physically disabled? My response is yes always.
When I was preparing to apply on behalf of my late husband, I found I was thinking the answer to "can he do x" was "yes, if I do y and z". I was advised to change my way of thinking to "no, not unless I do y and z" and that helped me prepare a much clearer case.

(Just as a reminder to anyone in the same sad situation that we were in: I did not need all that preparation as when someone has a terminal diagnosis the application can be done very simply, mostly over the 'phone.)
Forum ate my original post so heres take two

You have to understand their mentality towards others.

I don't say this to be cold or horrible but just to encourage understanding the mentality of the people who create and subsequently enforce the policies in play here, and on a wider scale the impression which is made on their subordinates (for example, the likes of DWP and companies sub contracted to carry out work on their behalf i.e. esa/pip/uc assessments)

The government view a positive outcome as the claimant/recipient of a benefit ending their claim.

Some examples ;

You recover from ill health, find work
You find work in spite of poor health
Your role as a carer ends
Your claim is suspended due to maladministration
You reach retirement age
You pass away due to ill health
And many others as we know from our own experiences you can't simply lump everybody into a single category.

Its honestly this simple, its exactly how they view it.. they do not care about your contributions, how vulnerable your loved one is, the circumstances, nada, none of it is important to them, just whether you are in receipt or not.

And I say this as someone that has fought for loved ones/relatives, complete strangers (as a volunteer), and even fallen foul of the system myself (and fought it back just as hard). In my case they tried to make me destitute immediately following a bereavement due to maladministration of my claim, I challenged it and eventually got it sorted.

You do not forget the stress, having to fight/confront others and remain unemotional/composed when you've just had your heart ripped out. I've never been able to properly grieve the loss (or the others which followed) and honestly I was not a picture of emotional health to begin with, so this experience has not helped.
Years on I am still fighting, alas for other loved ones.

Honestly the level of contempt they have, claimants aren't even considered human which is ironic given the significant proportion of the DWP's own work force who have their wages propped up by benefits themselves.

As far as PIP/health assessments go I've been through a similar ordeal (of my caree's, the most dependant is a sibling too), where they tried to have them dragged to an assessment centre with absolutely no provision for their needs (which are also quite severe), it took several months to get them to stand down and defer to a home visit, which they were subsequently too lazy to bother with and ended up giving a pass anyhow. Its about that time again too, and I'm nervous about having to go back/forth like that again because things as you know don't get easier with this level of care.

99% of the time the all nicety when these assessors are dealing with the public is lip service and nowt else.
Double amputee? Still lost their money because they could get up the stairs crawling/using their arms.
Another was summoned back for several re-assessments in a year to check their limbs did not grow back.
More recently an assessor (got the sack for this) visiting a vulnerable woman turned violent and challenged her son/care to a fight

Could go on but its turning ranty :)

Best wishes