Carers Allowance V Attendance Allowance

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Hi All - just a quick question
I am in receipt of Carers Allowance as my mum is in receipt of Attendance Allowance - Unfortunately due to her life limiting illnes she now has been accepted into a Hospice with Enhanced Bed Care Team looking after her.
What will happen and when? now she probably isnt entitled anymore to AA - should I inform the DWP of the situation ? and presumably I will lose my CA?

Thanks in advance all

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Hi micky
On the main carers site ( i.e. not the forum) there's loads if info on benefits
As Mum's going into a hospice (rather than residential care) her attendance allowance should continue

The info on carers allowance doesn't specify anything about her going into hospice. If she went into residential then your carers allowance would stop as her attendance allowance would stop

I'd suggest you contact the advice line, by e-mail (as they can't cope with phones presently ) to ask

If you could then post the answer here that would be very helpful

Thanks MrsA have sent them an email and will post answer when I receive it