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And now,the Ombudsman. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

And now,the Ombudsman.

All about money
I've exhausted my Legal Aid,some 60 or 80 thousand,on trying to get the boys home with their brother and myself.The council may well regret the £250,000-odd the bungalow is costing per year,but to back out now would be to admit their mistake.Each of the expert witnesses has suggested 'continuity' in their care i.e. keep them where they are.At present there are two whole-life Court Orders depriving them of their right to chose where to live on the grounds that they are unable to define such rights and therefore can't experience anything when those rights are removed.Google 'Cheshire West Court of Protection' for a recent Supreme Court ruling casting doubt on the validity of this policy.
I was vice-chairman of a support group locally,and had glimpses of how desperate people were for even two-days' respite care-people who are caring for loved ones with both physical and mental handicaps.When my wife died,and no plans were ready,Owen and Eliot were placed in a 24-hour respite centre for ten months,occupying two of the five beds.Meanwhile,I'm still in the four-bedroom family home...Apparently,cost is no object when someone's put the phone down on a council officer,as I did in 2005.

The council blocked Boarder Payments and DLA by refusing to sign a form stating that Owen's at home on Thursday and Friday nights.(He lacks mental capacity).

Two of my sons are still held under what are acknowledge to be illegal court orders, and we're due back to court some time.

Eliot is with me 15 hours a week, and the council, who are holding him, give me £15 a week for his needs.
Owen's with me 60 hours a week, including two overnights, and the council give me nothing. Both are in their 20s, and are autistic.

I used to receive £22 per week of Owen's DLA to meet his needs, but the social-worker who handled it left and the new one said it had never happened, so I went to the Ombudsman, and won. Two weeks later, the council re-designated my sons' bungalow as a private residence, and payments for Owen stopped.
The council has given several reasons for this:
(1)"You receive Carers' Allowance for Owen. This is money intended for his care. It isn't, but I cancelled the CA.
(2)Owen doesn't eat-he only has liqued supplements. This is not true. Owen eats at the unit and at Day Care, we have regular meetings about his health, and the other cares and I exchange news about his eating preferences.

I got a note in 2013 from the bod in charge of their finances.He said that he would hand over £15 pw for Eliot's needs, zero for Owen's.
I met Timmy last year, and the first thing he said to me was "Owen doesn't eat". I find it especially confusing because I think that it's Timmy who signs off the receipts for the food Owen's bought with his carers.

I went back to the Ombudsman. Last week she sent her interim decision, in favour of the council.
She says that if I believe that Owen eats, I should offer proof to Timmy. Apparently, it was my responsibility, not Timmy's, that I have not persuaded Timmy to offer any aid to Owen.

She passes on the council's hope that I am less depressed in the future, and suggests that I re-contact the CAB, the local Carers' Hub, etc. (who won't touch it with a bargepole).We've run out of Legal Aid.

Any advice would be welcome.
John, How old are the boys, please?
Thanks for asking, Colin

Owen's 28 next month, Eliot's 23.

Eliot's here 750 hours a year, Owen's here 3000. Eliot gets £750 p.a. for his food etc. here, Owen gets nothing.
When did they last go to school or College?
Yonks ago. They go to day care three days a week-Eliot's is in a field. (OK, it's on a farm). There's a very 'fresh air fiend ambiance about it all. Central-heating on and windows open...