All at Sea does my daughter qualify for pip

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I have a daughter with social anxiety disorder and she is on medication for it. Under CAMHS and being educated by hospital education. This means she goes to school in which they have a reduce timetable for the pupils. This is not main stream school Her only difficulty is that I have to take her to school in the car as bus journeys make her too anxious. I am getting home to school expenses (mileage). Because of her anxiety she doesn't go out like a normal 16 would and likes to stay close to home.
I have never claimed for her since she started having difficulties at school nov 2013. I have looked at PIP on the behest of my friend who is receivership of PIP for various conditions.
She has no other difficulties other than getting out of the house and being with people. No trouble sleeping, eating and well nonething else so that's it. I really don't think she qualifies for anything. Thoughts please
Take a look at this link which has further info re PiP ... Gwod2uAIbg

To start a new claim for PIP you should telephone the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on 0800 917 2222 (text phone 0800 917 7777).

If any questions you can contact CUK advice line for free help

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Definitely ring the helpline. PIP is easier to claim if you have clear physical disabilities, but it seems to be pot luck when it comes to mental health or mentals disability. However, I remember from making my son's claim (he has learning difficulties) that there is a clause relating to the ability to get out and about on your own. Maybe find out more about this clause?
Like that idea of finding out more. I never thought of claiming as I said just started thinking on it. When I have more time next week I will definitely look into it.
IF she qualified, then she might also qualify for income related benefits, not back dateable, so there might be more than you realise at stake. Email the helpline asap.
thanks just started poking the surface of all this ... so here goes I will see what happens