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Advice on Capability for work questionnaire ESA50 - Carers UK Forum

Advice on Capability for work questionnaire ESA50

All about money
I have just looked at the form sent to my Son; I thought it was for a change from DLA to PIPS but the form is a ESA50 entitled: Capability for work questionnaire :?

If anyone can give any advice on this I would be most grateful.

I phoned to make an appointment for advice only with the WRA that I used recently at his new office and to my surprise the work that he now does is free! I heard from another source that they were trying to get funding, so they have obviously received a grant. I will find out more at my appointment next week.

Before I attend I will make brief notes for each page, to help assist the WRA so that I am not out too long away from my Husband and Son. This will also give me time to gather information and ensure that I have included everything that is pertinent.

My Son saw his Psychiatrist yesterday and he has given us a brief letter to send alongside the form. He has advised the department to phone him if they need anymore information.

I have posted this in another topic but found this topic started so am reposting here so others do not miss it,
sorry do not know anything about ESA50, but will say any letters from medical team, take copies before you send in, paperwork sometimes goes missing! Also even if the Psychiatrist has said for DWP to ring him, they probably won't as they didn't in my OH case. The onus is on you to give relevant proof to support your son's claim.
Lots of info out there - try The ESA & DLA Survival Guide on facebook, lots of people post advice on there. Also the CAB can help filling in forms and try here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzn6gp8mqtrw0 ... 1%2013.pdf
You do not state your son's condition but if he saw a psychiatrist, I will assume mental, cognitive and intellectual functions will be the most relevant. Read the questions very very carefully as it does actually give you the answers. ie: inability to cope with change whether planned or unplanned, behaviour that would be inappropriate in any workplace. if all else fails Reg 35, substantial risk to self or others if found fit for work and/or work related activity.
As with all forms it's about the wording.
without knowing his disability it's the best I can offer. sorry
I suggest you do the following. It will be expensive but it could help in a big way. I had this problem with my wife, and was advised by a union shop steward. He was a fellow member of a sort of organization that I belong to. He advised me to contact the manager of his doctors and obtain a copy of his medical file. It will cost about £50.00, then photo copy it. Then send the form and copy of the records under a registered or sign for post. You see you have to prove that you husband, son, daughter or wife. Come under their regulations. I know a lot of people have done this and have gone through the full process mind you it took them time to make up their minds. I hope this will be of some help.
In 2012 my wife was sent a form for the ESA, we filled the said form in went to the doctor for to clarify one or two points. This she did I asked is there anything she would like to give for support, no she said. My wife asked for assistance of a report for the ESA. She said no, say I said above I sent my wife copy of medical records to the cost of £50.00 off to them. We waited for about a month, and woe and behold they informed her she was awarded the said ESA, so we waited for the benefit to be paid into the bank this did no happen. So we called them up a number of times. They said they would look into the problem. This went on for about a month. So in the end I wrote a letter off to I. D-Smith, informing him that "no disabled person would be the looser" in this case my wife was she had been awarded the said ESA but not yet received a penny, I sent bank statements, copy of DWP letters of award. Dates of phone calls with times etc. I never did receive a letter back but my wife received phone calls of apology and the money was in the bank within days of those letters been sent. So my advice to any one don't just sit there and do nothing. Do as I did for my wife fight at the top, it worked for her. I only hope that it will for anyone reading this.
Bernard ( Good Luck to All).
I thought that I had left a message here about the out come of my Son's claim for ESA. He was awarded it but we had to wait weeks for the decision. So it was good news after all the worry it had caused to us.
I get this ridiculous form every 3 years for my son who is severely physically disabled and relies on a ventilator to breathe. He has the life shortening and progressive condition Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He will not ever get better only worse until the condition finally kills him. Filling this in every 3 years is extremely distressing for us as a family - what part of terminal and progressive do these idiots not understand? What is the point in making us fill this in every three years because I really don't see it?

This questionnaire drives me crazy! My brother was born with severe Downs Syndrome and have severe learning difficulties, along with severe mental, cognitive and intellectual functions, He cannot speak and has the mental age of a 12-18 month old - He needs 24hr care just as a baby would with all areas of life. He will never 'grow' out of his disability nor will it ever improve enough for him to be able to function alone (he is now 34!) but every year, I receive a call from the DWP asking to speak with him on the phone and for him to attend job interviews.... This form arrives every 3 years and i am expected to repeat myself constantly....

I totally understand the need to ensure that all claimants are genuine as some will get better over time but for the small percentage who have life long disabilities that will either never change or will in fact get worse, there needs to be something in place that can identify them and stop this nonsense!
Hello Eun and annetta so sorry for the late response.

I read both of your messages with all the frustration that any Carer feels, when these forms are sent out to people that will never recover from an ailment and will and may steadily get worse.

If I'm right, one of the tories has recently said that he doesn't see the point in assessments for people who will not get better, so these will be scrapped, when I'm not sure. I will look for the article and if I can find it I will post more information.