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Advice needed regarding implication of needs assessment - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice needed regarding implication of needs assessment

All about money
Hi Bowlingbun

Just another thought. What if mum refuses a carer's assessment?

From what I've read she would have to be present or at least to have given permission for me to request one.
I've just phoned social services to request a carer's assessment and they won't even put anything on the system without her consent. I mentioned I was going to the GP on Thursday and understood that he could make a referral, but they said he would also need her consent.
So I'm back to square one with them having a joint assessment.
No it shouldn't be a JOINT assessment, under any circumstances, the Carers Assessment (which assesses the ability to care, and one of the initial questions should be "are you willing and able to continue caring". If the answer is "No" that should be the end of it, as no one can be forced to care for anyone else.

The social worker should not be demanding to see him in mum's house, she has no legal right to do this.
It really would help if you involved a solicitor who can do the fighting on mum's behalf. If mum has modest savings it might be possible to get legal aid, as the council is failing to fulfil it's statutory duties.

It's mum's house, if she doesn't want carers in her house that's her right too!
The problem is mum's answer would be yes she does want to continue (despite the detriment to herself) and my answer is no I don't want to continue to help her care for him. But I can't request a carer's assessment without her consent and she wouldn't give it. Is the answer to get a carer's assessment on myself?
My solicitor is of the opinion that they CAN demand to do the needs assessment in mum's house because that is where he lives despite owning his own home. Otherwise I don't think they will do it.
His family won't do anything without the needs assessment because they are hoping the council will find a home for him.
This is driving me demented.
Would your solicitor write a stern letter to the family saying his presence is detrimental to mum's health?

The family are wrong in their idea that it matters where the needs assessment is done may make his chances of getting a place in a home easier. It should not make a scrap of difference, as his needs are constant.
I saw the GP this morning. He's making a referral today for mum to have a social worker. I don't see how that will help. GP wasn't much help. I sat there crying and saying my only option was to take him to his home on 31/3, leave him there and phone the safeguarding team. He said "yes but you can't do that can you" i,e, because of my conscience.

I spoke to social services this morning, having established the needs assessment just has to be in a convenient place, and demanded it is done at his house. Despite telling them his address on 3 separate occasions it is not noted on the records!! At which point I lost the plot and ranted. If they can't/won't record the details of his property how can I trust that they have any intention whatsoever to take it into account? Complaint going in. I wanted to put what I'd said in writing to him - he didn't know the address and is having to phone me back?! Seems they don't want anything in writing.

I still insisted it be done at his house because if they are looking to put care into the home, it will be in his home. My mum has been (albeit willingly but without capacity) financially abused for 4 years and putting care into her home won't solve that, nor will it solve the issue of who has to deal with the medical emergencies.

I also said that I will not be present at his needs assessment and that they need to get his family to be there.

I am having to deal with this alone really. My brothers are away and my partner is offering no support whatsoever.
The solution is now simple. You take him to his house AND DON'T BRING HIM HOME AGAIN.

I'm not surprised your husband has had enough. Explain to him what I've suggested and get his help to do this.
Don't feel guilty, you've done enough. Protecting your mum has to be the top priority.
Social Services have to have a Rapid Response Team for emergencies, let them sort him out. Then make sure he doesn't go back to mum's.