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Advice needed re: live-out carer / partner and benefits - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice needed re: live-out carer / partner and benefits

All about money
Have you asked Social Services for help and support?
Hi Elaine, sorry for delay in reply, I only just noticed I had a response. I have been trying to move for about 7 years, but as I'm on housing benefit I can't find another private rental to move to, none of the local estate agents will put me on their books, and I can't get the council to help me, despite being on the waiting list for 18 yrs. They won't take my health seriously and even though I have multiple problems with the bungalow I am in (very expensive, mouldy and cold and very difficult landlord, as well as in the middle of nowhere, so very isolated and lonely) I can't get them to help me move. I have only been offered two very unsuitable studio properties in dodgy areas, that just would have made my situation worse. They have now also brought in a local connection rule, and as I have no family in mole valley, besides my mum, I have no local connections... so most of the properties I bid on don't get offered to me atall, despite their being a lot cheaper and nearer to the people and places I rely on. It is incredibly frustrating. My compliance interview is on the 8th Aug, so I won't know until then what is happening. Lots of anxiety and stress and sleepless nights to look forward to until then!

Bowlingbun, I have made two self referrals to the social services nd they have given me OT assessments. They gave me a bath lift and suggested a few other aids, handrails, bath board, perch stool, kitchen knives etc... but that is all the help I have been offered. I presume as I told them my partner had relocated to become my carer, that they did not feel I needed any more help.

I dont know if I can ask them to give me support in regards to this interview? I'm not sure if that is what you meant?
Hi Bethan
Just because you have someone who cares for you, such as your friend, it doesn't mean you can't have carers. I am my Mum's Carer but she still had a whole team of 'Care Workers' who called in daily to look after her when I wasn't there. Also, in support of your statement that your partner does not cohabit, you can make the point that you need female carers to aid you with personal care.
Waiting list for that long? Terrible. What you need is someone who knows how to play the system and, as an advocate, speak on your behalf. I think you ought to be able to build a case based on your ill health, the state of your present home and your very definite need to be closer to your Mum for mutual support. I would not play too much on the 'ladies' in your village, other than the fact that your ill health stops you from socialising and increases your isolation.
Have you contacted Citizen's Advice as that would be my first thought? I've not been in your position so I don't know the answers, but someone will, somewhere. Try them.

Would it not be easier (on you and your partner) if you had agency carers coming in to help you? No doubt social services are happy to let things stay as they are as it saves them money, but the current arrangement is putting your wellbeing at risk.
I'm sorry youre having such a bad time, and I hope you get some practical advice. X