Advice needed please?

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Lucy, don't try and fight the tears too much, it just creates tension. It's horrible when we are trying to 'choke back the tears' and it puts pressure on us. Let them fall as and when. Tell your boys 'Mum's just very tired, because the new babies need a lot of care, and this is a bit of a reaction to it.' Children cry so quickly and easily themselves, that if they see their mums cry, and then stop crying again, it wont' bother them. Give them a reason for the tears (eg, as above), and then give them a hug, and tell them that giving them a hug always cheers you up!

I think it would be quite reasonable for your eldest to be encouraged to 'help' a bit, and that will make them feel like the Oldest (and therefore the most important and senior!) of the family.

I take it your ex is their dad, or the dad of the younger ones at least (and the twins?) (if so, so sorry you've split up, but there it goes, these things happen alas.)

Glad your mum is 'on board'. My stress levels (even with only one!) used to drop to zero when my MIL walked in the door!! :)

Could your older two go to playschool of some kind if the oldest one is not yet at school themselves? Can you organise any such 'childcare' during the forthcoming summer holidays, to help take the daily pressure off you?

As for sleeping, well, grab ALL you can. The trouble with twins is that one always hears that just as one falls asleep, the other one wakes up!!!! Hope that isn't so.

Go as easy on yourself as you can - this is a stress time, but it's also a glorious one, even if you can't 'feel' that yet. And if you've had a Cesar that's yet another thing to recover from, however necessary it was. (At least you knew it was twins coming - a friend of mine had to have a Cesar, and says that as the doctor lifted out the baby, he said 'Oh gosh, there's another one in there as well!'.. Apprently the first one had 'overlain' the other one, so the two heart beats were never picked up. That said, my friend apparently kept saying 'I'm sure it's twins' and got poo-pooed! But she had nothing ready for twins, and her bloke had to rush off and get another entire set of clothes/cots etcetc etc!)
The words of Elton John's song come to mind "I'm still standing...." For goodness sake, start learning how to be kind to yourself. Babies in bed, you go to bed. Babies asleep, little ones awake, then "story time" in your bed. You've just had a C section, that's major surgery you know. It will take 6 months to heal properly, and in that time you mustn't do too much while the healing takes place. I've had seven operations, I've always been brave at the time but found once I got home I just wanted to sleep and sleep for the first month, that's the remains of the anaesthetic doing that, getting over the trauma, and the noisy hospital and no sleep.
I definitely think you should be getting help via the Health Visitor, or maybe Social Services. There is no shame in trying to look after yourself, your own health is really important as your kids need a happy healthy mummy.