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Advice for a newbie...confused - Carers UK Forum

Advice for a newbie...confused

All about money
Hi. I'm new here. I'm a single parent to twin boys and a daughter.
Ive got twin boys who are 10. 1 was diagnosed with SPD/ASD in March. And weve just had the news that the twin 2 has High functioning Aspergers and Depression.
I already recieve MRC / LRM for twin 1. I am going to apply for DLA for him to be able to afford leisure activities for him.

I work full time in a school. Im finding it tough going at the moment with this and managing the boys needs and appointments. I am up in the night too most nights.

My questions are really, can i claim carers for both? And is there any other help ?
If i quit my job, would this go against me?

Any insights would be greatly recieved.

Thank you
Hi Corinna and welcome. I don't know the answers to your questions because I'm retired and CA isn't allowed for me. You may get some advice from other people who have had experience but if not, e-mail the help on this site and they will advise you on the best way forward as far as benefits go and other things too. Sorry you've had such a load of bad news regarding your boys. Are you in contact with any charities and societies which are concerned with their problems? Worth taking a look if not.
All the best
Hi. Thank you for replying.
Have no clue about where i would look for things like that.
I was told about DLA through a friend, ekse i wouldnt be getting that.
Hi Corinna, welcome to the forum. Whilst your children are being assessed etc. could you ask your school to reduce your hours to give you a bit of "breathing space". You are now covered by the Equality Act, as a carer. Ask Social Services to do a Needs Assessment for each of them, and a Carers Assessment for you. Once you have applied for PIP, you can also apply for Carers Allowance, but only for one of them. Carers UK have a helpline which specialises in benefits advice. Ring or email them, and you will be given lots of good advice about the best way forward. Are you having trouble finding suitable schools for them? If so, contact IPSEA. If you are on a modest income, Google The Family Fund.
Hi. They are 10. So go into year 6 in september. I havent applied for carers yet as i wasnt sure i was entitled to as i work too many hours.
I may ask them to reduce my hours, however they were not very sympathetic towards my situation when i told them. "It wont make a difference as you will be at work and them at school!' Secondary school wise, there is 1 school locally with an AUtistic unit attatched. Other than that its mainstream or special schools. It is my belief that they are somewhere in the middle.
Ive had bad experiences with Social services in my professional life. Never been involved personally! Are they useful? Dont want to feel as if im being judged.
Rhanks for your reply.
Definitely get in touch with Social Services so that you can find out what is available in your area. It might be a waste of time, might be the beginning of a new chapter of help and support, just depends where you live I'm afraid.
In my area, for example, there were summer playschemes, trips out etc. which were only available to the children they knew. These were great for the very long holidays. Joining in with these would also put you in touch with other mums with less than perfect children. I found it terribly isolating when my brain damaged hyperactive son was expelled from play school, I was treated as a bad mother, although my eldest son was perfectly behaved.
There are other people on the forum who have worked in education, I'm sure they'll be along presently to say how they dealt with things.
All social workers, sometime ago were informed they should offer carers an assessment in their own right.

I know there are social workers in Cheshire Council (in the adults with a learning disability team in Chester) who refused to do so because "all the carers would want one"
Any social worker taking that attitude is not fit to practice!