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Hi I'm new to this site but looking for some advice. My work received a letter Sept 2017 saying I was under investigation for fraud and needed information from them (I worked in the finance department so this letter actually came to myself) I had to get another member of staff to fill this form in. I called the fraud team and the man was really rude on the phone and said I was under investigation for fraud due to claiming carers allowance. I've claimed carers allowance for my son for 9 year now, I've always been honest and kept myself right. I called dwp last March to let them know my hours were going up at work and the gentleman I spoke to on the phone said as long I was still caring for my son more than 35 hours a week there would not be a problem. I explained all of that to the man at the fraud team and he told me I was still under investigation. I then called the dwp after speaking to him and explained my situation he told me not to worry he would stop my carers allowance and send me a form out to fill out so I could pay any over payment back. I agreed to this and when the forms arrived I filled them out and sent them back. So today my post has arrived from the man whole doing the investigation and I have k ow been cautioned to an interview in regards to my carers allowance. I'm really worried cause I have not done anything wrong, I've also since had to leave my job and start a new job with less hours due to my son needing more care again after another op. Could anyone please give me advice
Hi Lesa ... welcome to the canteen.

There is a main thread covering the DWP purge with some guidance within :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... wp%20purge

I monitor said thread twice daily to ensure that ALL news is reported thereon.

I strongly recommend reading that thread as a first step.

Thereafter , return to us if you need any further information.