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A VERY nice letter from DWP - Carers UK Forum

A VERY nice letter from DWP

All about money
Hello All,

Ive had a VERY nice letter from the DWP. It seems that now I am about to get my old age pension and it totals more than the carers allowance they are stopping my carers allowance,,,,,,,,,, WEH HEY im no longer a bloody carer, S/Services can sort out my Mom from now on ,,,,,,,,,,, bet that will cost them a darn sight more lol lol IM FREE, FREE, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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Now then Thomas you've got to work out your priorities.
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I think whoever set up the rules for Attendance Allowance and Carer's Allowance
must have a peculiar sense of humour, seeking to keep us interested without actually making anything at all clear

Attendance Allowance convoluted application took me the whole weekend but within the week the back payment due was in the A/C. Couldn't believe it.

So then I tried Carer's Allowance. On line application a model of simplicity and clarity and acknowledged the same day. Only problem is I just cannot make any sense of the "Underlying Entitlement ". In the end sent it off saying I had no idea whether or not I qualified.

They say I'll hear in about four weeks.
lost my carers allowance when i turned 65 last year because my state pension is now a benefit? even though i paid in for over 45 years. any chance of getting all my contributions back/ back
Hi Graham
As I understand it, carer's allowance is a benefit paid because you cannot work because you are caring. Your OAP is a benefit paid because you are too 'old' to work. The OAP cancels out the CA. However there may be other benefits you are entitled to, such as AA?
You could e-mail the Help on this site, in confidence as none of the rest of us will see it, stating your circumstances and current income and they will advise you as to anything else you can claim.