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A Good Petition To Sign - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

A Good Petition To Sign

All about money
Ive signed it, but I suspect that myrtle is right Image
I honestly think that petitions are pointless - the only thing this government will listen to is massive strike action and maybe not even then - we need revolution and to introduce certain MP's to Madame La Guillotine!

I tend to agree with Eun on this, I'm not sure just how much good petitions will do, although I do sign those I think are worthy. They take ages to be heard and a massive amount of signatures are needed first.

To be honest, I think that the politicial parties have very little between them. It was Labour that kicked off the changes that brought about the ATOS debacle and I have a strong (and upsetting) suspicion that if they had stayed in power, they would have continued what they had started and taken it much further.

My feelings towards Cameron et al are so strong that I cannot put them into words, suffice to say I feel pure hatred and that is something rare for me.

Strike action would seem to be the way forward but would we do it, as carers would we have the courage to do it? I doubt it somehow..I don't think I could have done it.
But that is just the trouble-it HAS to be us for any notice to be taken.
I do have to agree also if labour got back in at that last election they would have the elderly in the axing grp also, with the tv, bus pass, and winter fuel, and don't forget AA that elderly get, they were thinking about taking that away.
I have to agree with Mrytle here too. The conservatives have done nothing but play the blame game. And who ever gets in next will do the same, blame the last parliament for why they can't change this and have to axe or up prices on that.

Unfortunately I voted for the conservatives Image I got sucked in with their speeches on change and blindly believed it all. Not sure really why I voted, every governments the same Image