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10yrs DLA.. High care.. The assessment for pip rejected? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

10yrs DLA.. High care.. The assessment for pip rejected?

All about money
The more paperwork from Education and Health, the better. Just make sure you get it all submitted in time, that is absolutely crucial, because if you miss the deadline, you have to start all over again.
Hi Guy, my wife also has uncontrolled Epilepsy and we switched from DLA to PIP last year.PIP is based on the amount of daily care you need and you must require this care at least 50% of the time. It is indeed very difficult to prove to them, in our case we had an Care Needs assessment done by our local social services to help back up our claim and when the DWP's assessment took place they'd already written to our neurologist and DWP's had got the report which made things easier. I hope your wife's epilepsy isn't too bad, my wife has seizures every day and needs 24 hour care, even with this we didn't get the scores I expected but enough to get the payment.
Good Luck if you appeal
Guy_1704 wrote:My wife have just been assessed and refused PIP. My wife has had uncontrolled epilepsy since she was 13 (now 54) and has had DLA until the change over to PIP.
She scored 0 on all the assessments (daily living and coping) they do not take into account that long term sufferers use coping strategies to keep them from harm.

It seems the only way to make them take notice is to dial 999 in the event of every attack and be hospitalised so that you have evidence of an attack and treatment.

They will soon find out it costs the NHS far more in coping with treatments of every attack of epilepsy than paying the paltry sum the give sufferers to survive by themselves.
I have just arrived home after attending an appeal for my 18year old son he has ADHD /ADHD depressive disorder and dyslexia. He was also asked to attend an appointment 9months before his review was due. He got higher care and standard mobility, they took it all of him to cut it short he lost support at college and was told he had to leave 4 weeks ago, 2 months before his course ends as he has got too far behind on his theory work and they could not justify paying for exams he would fail, that said he would have passed his practical, he was doing hairdressing. Today we sat before a doctor, mental health expert and judge, they were very nice not at all stuffy and listened to Jack and asked relevant questions. After 30 minutes his pip was reinstated, they just changed enhanced rate for care to standard. So don't give up take it all the way. Good luck I know how you feel we have 4 kids but our family life have revolved around our son, it's hard people don't understand.