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Attendance allowance

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Thanks BB, and Charles - I liked your example. I used to be a special educational needs coordinator in a children's centre & nursery school till I retired in December 2016. So I have some knowledge and experience of sensory impairment, and social care .....
Its worth looking into though as you say. And my experience with 90+yr-olds is limited to giving my mum respite when her mother was alive i.e. over 20 years ago.
My father was discharged from hospital in January 2017 with a 3 month care package, he died at home in March '17, and we were very grateful (understatement!) :roll: :roll: for the support of carers 3x daily, hospital style bed, and macmillan night respite every other week. I will look into a continuing health care assessment for mum though she's nowhere near end of life: still eats 3 good meals a day and is only occasionally incontinent!
I'm hoping to get a blue badge when the certificate of visual impairment arrives, or will getting attendance allowance qualify her? It will make a huge difference to me, though mum hates car journeys. At present our only outings are to the chiropodist, eye hospital and hairdressers. She also hates going out in her wheelchair cos pavements are so bumpy
But I am going stir crazy staying at home with her and I'm sure she wouldn't sleep so much in the day if she had something interesting to do, and she might sleep better at night. However autumn's here now... oh well, 2 steps forward, eh?
After a very serious car accident I had badly damaged knees, and a blue badge until two knee replacements.
My badge made life so much easier, being able to park really close to my destination in wider parking spaces.
For the blue badge, Attendance Allowance on its own is not enough. The visual impairment certificate will help.
Even if mum doesn't want a Needs Assessment, you are still entitled to have a Carers Assessment from Social Services.
I have gym membership and counselling funded by Social Services, although it took them a while to agree to this.

Counselling was incredibly helpful and very supportive.

It gave me a chance to talk through things that were upsetting or worrying me with someone focussed entirely on me, wheras everyone I met from Social Services focussed on either my brain damaged son or disabled mum, and seemed to totally overlook my own disability!

The first counselling was free, but no one told me there was a limit on the number of sessions, and then the counsellor left.
Now I have someone recommended by the GP, privately, we get on really well and I always leave feeling better than when I went in.

One of the problems of being a carer is that we might have very long term friends, but they have absolutely no idea about the realities of being a carer. My closest friend - we met at school in 1964 - once spent ages telling me all about the problems her daughter had when studying as an architect. I'd just love my 43 year old brain damaged son to be able to write his name and address! I was widowed at 54 when my husband died of a heart attack. Having no one at home to share my feelings with is difficult at times. Social Services should be support us with our caring role.
Thanks for sharing BB. I'm so sorry for your lot, and glad you have a holiday in crete with friends every year. With your 2 new knees - you regained your mobility but lost your blue badge I guess that's fair :)
I'm a great believer in counselling but no opportunity since I've been mum's carer. This forum is a big help! I've even gone back on Facebook since joining here, as a first step towards getting in touch with friends again.
Thanks again for sharing your experience/expertise 💓