Foiled again!

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We had a hoist fitted to our vehicle to lift the wife in and out and it works just fine, and so it should for what it cost, but the alternative would have been to book a wheelchair accessible taxi whenever she/we wanted to go anywhere.

We already have a hoist supplied at home to transfer between bed/chair/wheelchair/shower, (although the shower transfer is deemed unsafe by nanny state OT's).

The vehicle hoist can also be fitted onto a base, which turns it into a very similar beast to what we use indoors. The base can be purchased separately a later date which I thought may be a good option for holidays etc..

The hoist company phoned this afternoon to check that we were getting on with it OK and were there any problems or questions so I asked what the delivery time would be on a base and explained why we might want one in the future. The girlie said she'd have to phone back later with the info, which she did, but also then said that it could only be used for chair to chair (or sitting) transfers, not for chair to bed or vice-versa.

Another plan required now, holiday accommodations with track hoists are almost as rare as rocking-horse poo.
If your wife is able to sit on the side of the bed and if the legs of the hoist can glide under the bed sufficiently, then I don't understand why the hoist can't be used for transfer to the side of the bed.
Rosemary_1706 wrote:
Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:16 pm
If your wife is able to sit on the side of the bed and if the legs of the hoist can glide under the bed sufficiently, then I don't understand why the hoist can't be used for transfer to the side of the bed.
That's a good thought: she hasn't really tried sitting on the edge of the bed since her discharge from hospital cos it would be pointless, (as the next step would be to stand, which we know she can't do).. Core strength is somewhat lacking (hospital gave up trying with transfer boards as too many staff were needed) but it might be do-able or at least worth a try.

I think the reason why they say it can't be used for other than seated transfers is centred on the sling design, it's considerably different to the other slings we have, both in shape and attachment points, but works well with the right hoist of course.

It would be nice to be able to experiment, (before forking out £800 for the base) I'll have to think about how that can be done.
Does the company have any videos on YouTube that might demonstrate their products? There are many videos of various hoists and how they should be used. Does company have a website showing photos of the hoist on its base. I'm only familiar with the sit to stand hoists with belts, not the ones that use a sling.
Yes, I'm sure they do have videos, but if they say they can't be used on a supine person they will only show me what I know already.

The supplied hoist we have is an Oxford 180 midi, pic of that and the sling below.
The purchased hoist for the van is below, it fits on a bracket bolted into the floor etc, pic of the base and sling for that also.
smartbase _sling.jpg
I did try last night by lowering the wife onto the edge of the bed in a seated position from the hoist but she was unable to remain upright without any support, she wants to try again but it's no use if she can only sit up when she's got plenty of energy, ( a rare event in itself).

I've not given up yet, I'll try and conjure up a fitting to make the vehicle sling fit the home hoist, or vice versa and see where we go from there. Some things appear to be deemed unsafe for very little reason. For instance it's not recommended that I put my wife in shower (seat over the bath) using the hoist because you're not supposed to use the hoist as a mode of transport, but you have to to get someone from a bed to a chair, the bathroom is just a slightly longer journey.
Could your wife "sit up" if she had an adjustable hospital bed, or do her legs need to hang over the edge of the bed?
Thanks for sharing the hoist photos.
bowlingbun wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:38 pm
Could your wife "sit up" if she had an adjustable hospital bed, or do her legs need to hang over the edge of the bed?
We have a profiling bed (same thing) she wouldn't be able to get herself upright without it.

I'm currently working on the problem, got some carabiners on the way from eBay. With those and some chain I'll be able to see if I can lift her off the bed using the home hoist and the vehicle sling. They have completely different attachment methods but the carabiners will get around that.

Going to go and take some photos now with a simulated wife in both slings to see how they differ in operation and to try and estimate the length of chain required.
Simulated wife?! That's a good one!
Just found your post Alexander. I care for my mum, who has dementia and can still stand to transfer, but can no longer walk. Well, actually she can, when there's a particular agency carer here, we get her to take a few shaky steps with the frame to transfer her, but I only do it with that carer, and never alone!

Anyway … I would love to be able to take mum out for a little bit in the car, but just have not been able to find an easy way to get her in the car, without breaking my back. I have thought about a hoist for my car, but with mum being 92 and pretty poorly now, I'm not sure how much use we'd get out of it. And it won't be cheap of course. I haven't yet tried getting her to shuffle across from wheelchair to car seat with a transfer board. Not even sure she can do that any more.

It's amazing in this day and age that we are still doing the things we do with immobile people, there really should be some easier way to deal with car transfers. I have hired a WAV once and have thought about leasing one for a short period, but would prefer to be able to get her into my car! I will follow your thread with interest. Of course if I do take her out, then there's the added challenge of toileting. The time I hired the WAV, we were out for a while, so I had to take her to the toilet at a garden centre. Fortunately the disabled loo had wash basin and rails all handy for mum to grab, but I practically had to lift her on and off the loo - not great for my back!

Good luck with your efforts. I may try to put a sliding sheet under mum on the transfer board and pull her across into the car seat. No idea if it will work!

I've had people tell me certain things are unsafe too, but I do what I want in my own home. I am always careful with mum, I get really annoyed when people quote rules when they have no idea what we have to deal with!