Day in the Life of -please add your own

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Get myself up
Get Dad out of bed and find his clothes
Empty dishwasher
Feed Tortoise
Give dog tablet
Get my lunch and get Dads lunch (not usually the same thing)
Clear away lunch
Get dog lunch
Get dinner for me and dinner for Dad (not usually the same thing)
Give tablet to dog
Clear away dinner
Give Dad medication
Give dog dinner
Walk dog
Give Dad more medication
Get Dad changed into pyjamas
Empty commode
Get Dad into his bed (trickier than it sounds!)

Other random care jobs throughout the day
Fetching tissues, moving tissues, using tissues, collecting up dropped tissues, extracting tissues from laundry- you get the picture
Correcting TV settings periodically throughout the day
Making cups of tea
Emptying commode and doing up trousers

Then there are other things to squash in
Maintaining large garden
Keeping paperwork in order for me, Dad , cars, dog, house
Preparing meals
Working (very part time)

Dad's biggest complaint- he never sees me, I'm never there, I never talk to him, I'm always too busy for him
Dad's biggest complaint- he never sees me, I'm never there, I never talk to him, I'm always too busy for him
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
It must be the housework fairy that does all the rest then
Ok, here goes.
Wake up, take my tablets and make my breakfast, read my book while eating my toast.
Have a shower,get dressed.
Clean the wet room floor, Put husband's towels out for carers.
Make husband's breakfast, cup of tea and porridge with his tablets in it, he has difficulty swallowing. Take it to husband who is in bed.
Put dishes and porridge pan into sink in hot water to steep.
Brush my teeth, run a brush through my hair, probably last time I look in a mirror till tomorrw.
Tidy my bedroom.
Clean remnants of porridge off husband's beard and leave him to watch tv till his carers arrive.
Sit down for five minutes to read news on my tablet and catch up with carers uk.
Put out husband's clothes for the day then carers arrive to get him washed and dressed.
Make husband a cup of coffee and biscuit.
Wash dishes.
Put on washing machine. If I am really lucky he won't have soiled the bed giving me bedding to wash.
Wait for district nurses to arrive.
Still waiting, have a cup of coffee.
Lunchtime, just about to make us a sandwich, nurses arrive. Usually have another battle with them about their treatment of my husband's abscess.
Normally a quiet afternonn when husband sleeps, but can't go far. Work in the garden if nice or to local supermarket for food shopping.
Make more coffee for both of us.
Make evening meal for me, he hasn't been eating much for weeks so sometimes just more porridge.
Wash dishes again.
Wait for evening carer to arrive.
Hopefully husband settles down to sleep about 8 then I can get a few hours to myself.
This is a normal quiet day. Unfortunately they are few and far between. Last week I was told to give him laxatives as he was very co stipated. He pooed for 4 days and went through three bed changes in one day. As he is bedridden at the moment, I have to phone for emergency carers to come and clean him when this happens. Hope we don't have another week like that again.
Too unwell at the moment to go to daycare. He hasn't been for 3 months, so not had a day to myself for a long time and respite isn't an option.
Irene- I think it's so important we make time for ourselves and good to come on here just so you get a reality check and realise you are not the only one coping alone with such issues. Hope you have a better day. My day is strangely quiet- Dad hasn't got up yet-most unusual.