I know this sounds awful, but...

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bowlingbun wrote:Or even a vague "it really doesn't feel right, I might have to take it back..."

It's ages since we've had a funny thread, lets see how many excuses we can dream up for this car!
Ooh yes!
How about "the steering wheel is turning too much" :D
Oh no, the hub cap came off. Need a new one! I don't drive so it's the best I can do lol.
You could always tell people that you've had to declare your car SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) because it requires too much work to be affordable.

You could, if you wanted, even actually declare it SORN! I do this with my late husband's little sports car, which is sitting in the garage waiting for my son to be able to insure it (a few years yet!). Once you declare SORN (very simple DVLA form), you don't have to pay motor tax, or keep it insured or in MOT. It can't be on the public road, though, and must be on your land/garage. Obviously, you can't drive it either!

If you didn't want to declare SORN for real, you could just tell people you had for financial reasons (saving motor tax, insurance and MOT/service), and then if you really need it, use it again, telling people it's out of SORN temporarily....
I'll tell them there's a problem with the flux capacitor...
Back to the future or back to the past!!
"I'll tell them there's a problem with the flux capacitor..."

Brill! :)
It's missing. I parked it outside Tesco and when I came out I couldn't remember where I'd put it.
Well, I guess the holiday couldn't last for ever - within minutes of the garage ringing me to tell me that the car was ready to collect, the words "On your way back, could you..." were already ringing in the air.
I guess it was inevitable - although I could've fobbed my dad off indefinitely with made up broken bits on the car, sadly work wouldn't believe me - especially when my teammate's dad owns a garage!
Still, I reckon the overhead manifold sprocket will probably spring a leak for a day or two next week ;)
Or it might the inner gasket for the cam shaft ........