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Your views on the strategy - Carers UK Forum

Your views on the strategy

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Hello everyone

Just a quick hello to say that I am reading your comments about the strategy. Aside from here on the the forum we're taking a lot of phone calls from carers and have had a lot of emails too. It's also still Carers Week so there are a lot of events taking place and debate going on across the country.

I'm currently reading through the strategy and writing a special issue of our magazine, to examine it in more detail and let all our members know what's in it. I'll also aim for that to go on the website. Things are extremely busy here and that's why me and Gavin have not been on the forum as much as we would be normally.

I will just reiterate what Gavin said about the Protest idea - that Carers Uk is supportive of the idea and as soon as carers week is over we'll sit down and look at it in more detail.
Please keep the debate going and the comments coming.

Best wishes


PS - As well as posting on the forum you can email your view to shortchange@carersuk.org
Hi Matt, financial help would need to be available for most Carers to enable them to get to a protest in the first place. Image

Could that be syphoned from somewhere, maybe personal development budgets or Education or Social Servcies?

I'm sure if could be made to fit a criteria somewhere!
Open to other ideas! Image

marie x
Summits wrong ive tried to place my thoughts re the review on forum but every time i submit post its full of ******** stars

JUST A LAUGH ive calmed down now Image
If we do have some kind of protest in London or well anywhere i`ll go and can take 2 persons with me free of charge but not hotel if we stay over .

GEORGE & the old doll =--===-=
That is great George well done
Maybe we should aim for a demo in most major cities on the same day!
It would cut the travel issue and probably a lot of the financial ones too.

If this could be arranged it could prove very effective, say demos in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester etc. you know the like, main cities that are easy to get to for people and all on the same day/time!

I think more people would attend this way than would be able to get to London.
If it could be worked with involvement from PRTC, they have centres all over the place and could maybe help with co-ordinating things. Image

What do you think?

marie x
Same as George, if a protest is in London there will be 2 spaces in the car from Bristol but we'd be returning the same day.

Do you think we'll get away with parking using blue badges just outside downing street? Image
If you can get enough people leaving from a specific, town, city or area you might find that coach or minibus hire is cheaper than using cars or public transport.
The prtc have already said they would support a protest Image Image
Bear in mind that if you do drive to go to the protest and are going to Cental London you will probably have to go through the congestion charge. So ring TFL first to see if you can apply for an exemption form if you are a blue badge holder.