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Your help needed to compile 'discrimination dossier' - Carers UK Forum

Your help needed to compile 'discrimination dossier'

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Following the Government's recent announcement that they intend to ban discrimination against carers by protecting people who are 'associated with' someone who is disabled, Carers UK are creating a 'discrimination dossier' to build evidence to make sure that these proposals become law.

If you have been the victim of discrimination or harassment as a result of your caring responsibilities then we would like to hear your story. Our online survey doesn't take long, and getting real experiences from carers who have suffered discrimination will make a real difference in getting this new law through Parliament.

Huge thanks to those who have already given us evidence with posts on another thread about equalities and discrimination - don't let that stop you filling in the survey if you have more!

Fill in our survey here
done but as iam now the only cynic on hear it aint worth doing really is it
George don't worry you are not the only cynic - I am too.

All the best

done but think the government will think of other ways or make other excuses not to support us legally.

I've gone on record before as saying the only discrimination I have ever faced - as a working carer - is by carers groups that insist on meeting during the working week. No wonder so many of them are older women past retirement age who attend these "pampering" groups - that isn't representation, that is a minority clique!
A "pampering" group, or tea and sympathy for that matter, is not my idea of what I would want to spend time engaging in if I had any spare time away from caring either so it is not just down to gender discrimination, I would suggest that it is more to do with an erroneous stereotypical view of who are carers and what they want/need.

Perhaps those carers who do not meet the stereotype do not use the services provided by some carers centres and spend any spare time following their own interests or perhaps we should be more pro-active in making sure that there is a diversity of provision? And because for many of us caring takes over every aspect of our lives perhaps we need to remember what we were and did before we became carers rather than only look to the carer community to fulfil our needs although this is difficult when you have lost contact with just about everyone and every organisation you were involved with BC (before caring).
And on another aspect of discrimination surely the most fundamental and significant discrimination we face is discrimination by the State. Expected to work for a minimum of 35 hours a week to qualify for an entitlement to Carers Allowance, actual or underlying, or the Carer Premium, we are neither covered by minimum wage legislation nor employment legislation, we are not entitled to have time off sick or to sick pay, if we are admitted to hospital our entitlement to CA is removed until we return home, we have no statutory entitlement to holidays, breaks in the working day, etc., we are not covered by the Working Time Directive or Health and Safety Legislation. Address these issues and some of the other discrimination we face will cease to exist because we will be more able to function as equal citizens enabling us to more easily access goods and services but, being a cynic too, I rather think that it is in the Government's interests to concentrate on the symptoms rather than on the primary cause of discrimination.
Good post Annie...totally agree with you.