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Young carers with school bullying issues - Carers UK Forum

Young carers with school bullying issues

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Are there any young carers on this board who look after mums and dads or other relatives? Or perhaps their parents are on the board?

The reason I'm asking is because every year in Anti-Bullying Week in November, Bullying UK, the charity I run, does a webchat with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and we often have quite a number of teenagers who are bullied because they look after members of their family.

I wanted to say that if anyone is in that position, or they're a parent of a child having a hard time at school, Bullying UK is here 24/7, 365 days a year. There's lots of practical info on our website at http://www.bullying.co.uk and you can email us on help@bullying.co.uk for personal advice.

Every year when I do the webchat, and I think I've done three now, I'm struck by the selfless way these young people care for others and how they often keep school problems to themselves because they don't want to worry their parents. Often sharing a problem is the first step towards solving it so let us know if you need help.
Bullying UK
Your site is great Liz,just took a look round it and so much information there.

My 2 girls have added a link to their facebooks and Myspace.

Thanks Rosemary, that's very kind of them.
You're welcome Liz.
Brillant sites Liz

My eldest lad help me look after his Brother and he also help care for me when my own pains stopped me doing my caring role.
He was bullied something awfal at school but never told me or his dad as he didn't want us to worry, it was other parents and kids that told us what was going on. Hes left school now and is involed with the young carers, he helps support new young carers who comes into the group and is there if they want to talk to him.

I will pass these sites on to the young carers group

Thanks very much Bernie, that's kind of you.