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You might like to know

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Thanks Audrey for sharing ... Image

I had to fill in a LD supplimentary questionnaire for S to have a bus pass. It was highly intrusive and personal I felt ... seems that if you are a carer or a caree ... you have no privacy. Image Image

Does your private jet run on unleaded?!

Blimey, audrey, your finances sound like mine Image , except I use one of them minimoped thingies and my rocket launch pad is just outside my palatial bedroom, so much faster and, as you know, I'm a really fast woman Image .
Image Actually I went out in the rolls for a changed today it does quite well to the gallon
of petrol about 12 miles so only needed to fill up just the once as it has a 30 gallon tank
and @ £6.50 a gallon I think that's quite good as it only cost £200.to fill her up.
and it was such a nice day . lunch was only £60 for the two of us plus extra's
And we got home about 4pm so really the day out only cost me £ 400.05 Image Image
Well, you know what it's like, Aud, once that Sun reporter got hold of the tapes there was no hiding the fact, it was all on display. Literally.

And poor old you, having to pay a butler for a massage Image , I suppose it happens to all of us eventually Image .
well no not relay Audrey love (now I'am been cheeky) I put the go faster stripes on me push bike when I past a bloke painting a shop front got em on me boots as well cheap as chip's also the lady that used to give me a massage did it in a bikini but she took early retirement????????? Image Image Image Image
Speak for yourself, Audrey, I don't need a free bus pass, why would I need a bus pass when ferretrider takes me everywhere on his crossbar?
well would'nt you like to know to think I had three names when I was once a long distance
driver their was Ratrider -----rider and ferretrider they were am c b handles when c b radio's
were illegal and they will not give me a bus pass yet but still got to keep fit with all these women
about Image Image Image Image sorry losing the plot now to much Image you to could come on me crossbar
as well it's a double. sorry no bikini now but will have to retire to my king size bed now to see
if anybody has rented the other side as it's been flippin cold on the one side for years!!!!! Image
"Insanity runs in our family..........................it practically gallops!"

- "Arsenic and Old Lace"

Image Image Image
Audrey - is your private jet tax deductable? Do Her Majesty's 'Grabalot' Department know about this?
thank you for the laugh this early in the morning. Image Image Image Image
(Ferretrider my husband's CB handle was Sunbeam, after his Sunbeam Alpine car.)
534 posts