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Personal Assistants or Carers

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Just wondered whether we could please differentiate between Personal Assistants and Carers. The definition of a Personal Assistant is one who 'gets paid' to do a JOB. Their profession.
The definition of a Carer is a friend or relative etc. who looks after someone at home, for no payment. It is NOT their profession.
So .... WE are Carers (either getting or not the wonderful £50.55 a week). The people who enter our homes to attend to our loved ones, are Personal Assistants - they get paid, doing a job, they're at work in our homes from the moment they enter the front door and dump their stuff on the floor.
I stopped calling them Carers, long ago when I realised that a lot of them DON'T and when I found out how much per day we have to pay for them and how much per day I get. They're the ones who are at work, hence getting paid. I used to be a Secretary/PA, a totally different thing altogether, but can't remember when I last actually went out to earn a wage doing that.
Is there any chance that we could start calling them Personal Assistants, it's a bit insulting calling them Carers (personal opinion only, of course). Image
Have just seen an advert for a PA for a lady with dementia who wants to stay in her home. Own room, duty hours 3pm -10am expect to get a good nights sleep, but be on hand for toiletting client, 24hr duty alternate weekends, not expected to do anything other than basic care and companionship. Assume from the daytime hours the lady attends daycare. Wages being advertised.......£700 per week.

I am definately doing the right job in the wrong place.

Now if all we carers apply for these jobs when they shove us on jobseekers allowance (we`re well qualified after all) what fun that would be!!

If I got wages like that I`d think I won the lottery.

Take care
Us, We, are Carers.
Nobody else has the right to be employed as this and be paid more than the CA dept pay us.
Whatever paid personell involved with care support services are called, they should not be given the same title as the CA dept afford us unless they are paid the same as us.
Anyone employed to provide care is a care worker and woe betide any who call them self Carers while speaking to me! Image
The word 'Carers' is enshrined in law and it means US I wish social services etc. would remember that as it only adds to the confusion when they don't! Image
One of my pet hates I'm afraid!

Claim the name needs to work a bit harder!!

marie x
im a carer and i also work part time in a caring setting ( care worker ) so im not entitled to carers allowance as im over the threshold, my daughter has direct payments and employs her auntie as a P.A. By the way paid more than me but im happy knowing that shes ok and happy i dont think....well would not employ agencies she needs continuity and takes a while to trust people......... it gives me so much pleasure Image Image when people at work call themselves carers i interupt them and explain the difference and the parting shot you get paid and i do it for love......priceless Image Image im with you on this one marie 66, claim the name and get the salary as well Image Image Image . Take care.....mand
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