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First Class pricing. - Carers UK Forum

First Class pricing.

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The rises in the price of First and Second Class stamps seem to be quite high.What do you think?.
still good value to get a letter sent 100 mile or so,but if prices going up junk mail volume hopefully will go down,fingers crossed
How much are they now?

The most annoying thing for me is that you have to have the right stamp on the right size/thickness of envelope... Only good thing is that great big boxes with one small items packaged inside are now a thing of the past.

Will the service improve?.
Going up to 60p first class and 50p second class, for normal size envelopes. Anything above that, including birthday cards with 'badges' on etc are charged accordingly. A rise of 30% so Radio News said, which is way, way above inflation. The government say that the P.O. can charge what they like, but have put a cap of 55p on second class postage, so the clever P.O. have come just below that figure so that they can still put it up some more in the future??????

However, if you go mad and buy a large quantity of stamps before the increase, they honour those stamps and postage paid. The new issue of stamps are always a different colour to avoid confusion, so by a load of stamps now and enjoy the lower price - whilst you can.
I bought £50 or £60 worth of stamps a few years back to beat the increases, I still have a substantial quantity left which I suspect will outlast me, I have visions of them being passed down from generation to generation of grateful heirs Image .
Its people on Jobseekers Allowance who are desperately applying for jobs who are going to be hit hard by this. Not all jobs can be applied for via the internet and many people on Jobseekers cant afford the internet either.
Pensioners, some of whom do not use e-mail,small business,charities,there are many groups going to be hit hard by this increase,its,ofcourse,a pre-privatisation sweetener for potential buyers,and theres Royal Mail pensions to fund.
Thanks Fran, yes I do think that is a lot of money.

I agree Maxi and Diva that those applying for jobs, pensioners etc will be very hard hit.

I'm also thinking about the family and friends I send Christmas cards to ... wow that will be a hefty bill, unless I cut down ...

We are only talking BASIC First and second class postage pricing.LARGE First and second class stamps will go up,no doubt.Oh,and,For those of us with family beyond the UK,OH WOW!.I can guess. Image