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xmas cancelled

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I adore Chistmas. I love an excuse to decorate the house with all manner of shiney things that would be considered tasteless at any other time of year. I'm not so keen on Christmas Day itself, that often feels quite lonely without anyone around but the grumpy husband (my caree). Even so, I don't care how commercial Christmas has become I don't let it damper my mood.

That said, I've "cancelled" gift giving for Christmas. We always gave my husband's two daughters money and the grandchildren gifts and money. This year I've sent the two daughters a message telling them we are not exchanging gifts this year. Plus, I've told them I am not having a post-Christmas dinner for everyone to get together. Why? Because the two daughters have only called their father two or three since last Christmas. Last year one grandchild was ill for the family day, which means my husband has not seen her in nearly two years. One daughter lives a 30 minute drive away and the other an hours drive away, at most. Hence, visiting isn't a major trip for either of them. Instead, I've asked each daughter to spend some time with us when everyone is well and it's convenient for them to visit. Only one bothered to answer me.

So, this year I get fed up with it. I was tired of the daughters coming here for a handout and not thinking about their father the rest of the year. It makes a mockery of what Christmas is supposed to be about and I'm not having it. Bah humbug to them. For me, I'm going to enjoy all my sparkley decorations.
I love Christmas, though it is tinged with sadness as I look back to happier, healthy family times. I am broke too andi text everyone saying not to expect any gifts this year. I enjoy the cheesy movies and winter foods the best. OP if I were u i'd be more selfish. I would take all their gifts back and treat yourself instead! Hee hee.
Christmas is well and truly spoiled for me, too. I just can't be bothered with going through the motions again. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries on the 12th and that's contributed to the season losing it's sparkle.

Caree dug the tree out and put it up, although it's still bare (It's a fibre optic one, so wth, right?). I've got to go buy all the gifts in but I can't face the happy families or the lack of funds. To top it all, I already know my SIL will complain about what she has and hasn't got (even though she has more expensive gifts than her daughter).

Sure, I'll pin my happy face on for mum but that's all I want to do period.
Christmas can be as commercial or not as you care to make it. We have a mixture of things. Yes, a real tree with purchased baubly things on it, but also with home made stuff. A rough and ready collection of twigs and bits of trees, shoved randomly in a tall vase hung with small decorations and more little home made things. Dinner is served in our normal everyday dinner-sized portions, not plates heaped with food just for the sake of eating loads and if we don't feel like pudding, we leave it till later in the evening.
None of our family shall be with us over Christmas, due to work or not enough days off to allow for travelling, but there's the phone and Skype (especially Aussielanders), which will take up most of the day anyway.