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Caring and working help needed - Carers UK Forum

Caring and working help needed

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Yes .... by marshalling.

https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Carer ... ated-costs

Simpliest way ?

Increase your personal pension contribution.
How do I increase it as I don’t pay any at the minute
By law , your employer contributes to your personal pension ... ???

If not , a clear breach of Employment Law here.

Better known as a Workplace Pension ... full sp follows :


( No weekly deductions for pension contributions ??? ).

Personal pension plans ?

A beginners guide :

No non ive got a pension but nothing has been added in as I only earn 120 a week would they still take my Carers Allowance off me with being over by 15 pence ?
If no worksplace pension , one for your union to sort out as soon as possible.

I assume that all empoyees are in the same boat ?

There's no defence against Empoyment Law.

Paying into a pension scheme is an allowable deduction against CA ... as the first thread posted pointed out.
Melsasia earns too little to be automatically enrolled into the workplace pension. (starting point is £10 k p.a.)
However she can ask work if they would enrol her voluntarily. However it is quite cumbersome for just a few pence.

I'd suggest having a word with work and see if they would adjust your payrate or hours to bring you under
50% of whatever you pay into a private pension can be disregarded to bring your earnings down to the threshold.

So as you are only 15p a week over it would be sensible to look into paying a small amount into a private pension plan - say £2 - £2 per week? Look on it as a savings plan as you can draw down some of the money paid in at a later date :)