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Hiya all, it's been a while since I last posted, but I'm a regular on here.....
I kinda had a brainwave, I'm very much struggling for cash and as a perfect xmas gift for my bed bound Dad who is 83 now, and my Mum who has Huntington's Disease, would LOVE LOVE LOVE to clean the carpet where Mum spills things until it is black.....Luckily I have an army of big strong pals who would help me move furniture etc....but just need a VAX or something similar.....It would make my family's xmas and if anyone local could spare such a thing, then I'm sure I could help a few others out too.....It's just a thought, but I would take care of it and I have plenty of cleaning fluid to do our place and a few more to boot! I rang a local firm and they have so many rules and regs.....a quick spruce up would be a great boost for xmas. We are in Bulwell, Nottingham.....I have a petrol mower and strimmer if they are any use to any body else.....but, saying that? I bet there are some daft rules about helping each other out eh????? Trev

Also, if any body has there loved ones local to me (near the bus/train station, I have plenty of bags of salt/grit that I can nip and sort paths with.....this is only my second year as full time carer of two, and feel that being a little more proactive does seem to keep me on the ball! Cheers, Trev xxx Image
Hi Trev, sorry I don't have one. Have you looked on Freecycle?

Hi Trev, I do have one Image .................................at the bottom end of the country Image

but it's a brilliant idea for a Christmas present Image

(Anyone near enough to collect and return is more than welcome to borrow it Image )
Hello Trevor,

I think it's an excellent idea and I wished that I lived closer so that I could lend you our carpet cleaning machine! We're about 5 hours away though, so it's a bit tricky! Image

I hope you manage to find one that you can borrow.

Happy Christmas,

L x
Homebase & B&Q often have a stand at the end of the tills where you can rent a cleaner - usually for a day I think. It might be worth looking into.

Freecycle is a good idea especially if they have a Freecycle cafe which is where people exchange ideas & information rather than giving away items.

Do you have a local LETTS scheme? This is a bartering group where people swap skills & equipment with each other.

Lovely idea - when something is clean & fresh it does make people feel so much brighter.
http://www.dewalt4less.co.uk/carpet-cle ... ngham.html

http://groups.freecycle.org/FreecycleNo ... /posts/all

Hi had a google and theres the option to rent or post a wanted ad on freecycle. Hope that helps Image