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Would be grateful if anyone could help - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Would be grateful if anyone could help

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I totally agree with meg and myrtle, more freedom thats what i say.

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As we have the General Forum, Pointers and advice Forum, etc, why not a consultation forum open to students, etc., so that those carers who are willing to be approached can decide for themselves? Far better to get the message out there than to worry about consultation overload - let's choose for ourselves!
Good idea Charles, after all the only people who know what carers go through are carers!
Great idea Charles but CUK don't want the truth to get out
Hi everyone thanks for your comments. I would like to comment on a few things.

The view that this rule is a way for Carers UK to stop carers getting involved in consultations and giving their views is simply not true, everything this organisation does is based on the views of carers, carer involvement is absolutely central to everything at Carers UK based on the principle that Paula said "the only people who know what carers go through are carers". For example those carers who have signed up to our Equal partners programme get informed of lots of things like this.

For example we have a webpage here dedicated to it
http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... onsroundup

And we put out a lot more things through the Equal Partners email newsletter (if you're interested please see here
http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... alPartners

Remember the forum is just one of many different ways Carers UK interact with carers, and the numbers of people on here are small compared to the thousands of carers we are in contact with through our branches, through equal Partners etc. That's why we have a dedicated area ofg the website "Get Involved" for those carers who do have the time to contribute.

The rule was set up because we are aware that not all carers want to get involved, we wanted the forum to be a place for support, aware that there are other ways people can more actively involved.

However having read what some of you have said I do agree that a dedicated area would allow you the choice to decide and so I will remove the rule and set up a dedicated area for these types of posts.

Thanks everyone for your comments.
Thank you for making the change....I hope we as carers will be involved in many projects in the future. My uni friends will be delighted as now they can source first hand information from people who really care.
Many thanks, Matt.
Nice to know you are helping students from Lancaster (my old Uni), Meg.
I am currently interacting with students from two universities via the Lonsdale & District Carers centre in Morecambe, one undergarduate and one post graduate. In both cases the students were recommended by their tutors and assesed by the Carers centre, before being allowed access to members, staff, and confidential records held at the centre.
Their is a danger that unscrupulous people could pose as 'students', in order to make contact with vulnerable people. For example, paedophiles befriending single parents. Or others with criminal intent, fraud, robbery etc.
After writing a letter to the Cathloc Journal 'The Tablet', some years ago I was contacted by a so called 'seminary student' who asked for money to complete his studies. This was a highly irregular request, and I was able to contact a religious order in the district where he lived to establish his bona fides. It turned out he was a rascal who had been thrown out of a seminary, and who made a good living from writing letters to credulous correspondents in religious journals. Who would never dream that anyone who read such a journal was not respectable.
I hope that when Matt sets up his 'researchers' site, that a suitable warning is prominently placed to protect those who may unwittingly divulge information which may be used to harm them by unscrupulous imposters.
best wishes normangardner
You are right to be cautious. The help I have given is in the format of a number of questions made up by the "class" in general covering all aspects of care and returned to the tutor, so no room there for impostors, but I do see where you are coming from and would never do anything to the detriment of my carees.