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Would be grateful if anyone could help - Carers UK Forum

Would be grateful if anyone could help

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
sorry to bother you all,
I'm currently writing an essay to do with home carers an would be really grateful
if anyone could help.

What kind of challenges do you face and how does it make you feel?

Do you feel there is enough support out there an is it easy to get all the help you need?

thank you

becky x x
Have sent you a pm....Hope I can help
Thank you everyone who has pm'd me

Honestly dont know what to say as i never had experienced being a home carer
as my mum passed away just before arranging all her home care.

All what i can say is you all do a great job and should be proud of yourself really hope
that all the support you need will be easier 2 find in the future
Hi Becky

Just a quick note to say we don't normally allow requests to assist with research to be posted on the forum. It appears that some members have been happy to help out anyway but I just wanted to refer to the rules for future reference!

Rule 10: http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=4

Best wishes
What on earth can the harm be in assisting this person, it is a joke, i thought these groups were meant to help people not frighten them off by silly rules?

apologies for breaking the rules...however sometimes getting the chance to put the point accross about how life for carers really is can be helpful. The person we help to write an essay today may end up an MP fighting for carer rights, or indeed a social worker who can then have a better understanding of the rules against real life. My offer to assist still stands, via a pm.
Hi meg - You haven't broken any rules.

The rule is that non-carers such as academics, social workers, local councils, students etc are not allowed to post messages asking for carers to contribute to research, consulatations etc. So Becky's post should not have been allowed and normally Christine would have removed it. However as you and others were kind enough to reply we have left it. Christine was pointing out the rule, so others would be clear that it exists.

You are right that it is good to get across carers points of views and Carers Uk does this in many ways. The reason we have this rule is simply one of numbers - we are inundated with many requests each week and we cannot possibly expect carers to respond to them all. We made the decision early on that the forum would be free of such requests.

Dear Matt: Maybe if you get so many requests each week then it might be a good idea to allow the actual carers to speak to these people to give an acurate point of view of carers and the care role.
You would think that spreading the word of carers would be met with encouragement, it seems that only carersuk can answer questions to caring related topics, that seems quite an undemocratic response, anybody that asks for my help with regards to the issues that face carers will be met with an open response and an open heart, the more that our problems are aired the better.Again a rule has been put in place that does not really help carers, carers are quite capable of saying no to someones request for help or imformation,lets just be more open about such things ok.

Tony. Image Image
Got to agree with Tony. If I hadn't wanted to help, then I wouldn't have, but it was MY choice.
When I worked in a care home we had regular visits from the Care Commission. They spoke to both clients and staff, sometimes visitors too. Their assessment of our working practice was partly based on their findings. If you don`t ask, you don`t find out basically. How one interperits what they are told, well that is far more policical and I am no politician, although I do know an MP or two!
Last year I was asked to participate as a carer and user of the Crossroads scheme to take part in the Care Commission review. The participants were asked some interesting questions and feedback is in the form of a copy of the Care Commission findings.
I have a couple of friends who had previously worked in the care sector south of the border and they have been to uni to become social workers...In conversation I was amazed how they struggled to find information for their essays and when the topic was very specific the lecturer must have accused half the class of plageurism....Information is at a premium. Luckily one or two universities are now seeking information from the people who live the real life situation. I have been lucky enough to find time to do a project for Lancaster students on home caring. It did not take up a lot of time and if it helps young people who become qualified on paper without much life experience appreciate what real life is all about, then all for the good I say.
Perhaps information passing could be an opt in / out box when we register so only folk who want to help are asked. Having said that some topics just hit out at you and you want to help, whilst others are not so interesting and we can leave it to others to fix out. If you don`t speak out sometimes no body bothers to ask what your opinion is.