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worst possible taste?.

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Blowing a really big bubble with your bubbly gum and it bursting all over your face Image
oh,how you have all really rallied and made this thread spin-out wonderfully into a warm and so-soft world of all our yesterdays.Bless all of you here,You folks have brought back such great memories.I did not know how much Id forgotten.

Im mindfull,now that,in-fact,"Graded Grains,do make Finer Flower".Im humming that merry ditty:"Bum..Bum..Bum...Bum.Esso BLUE".Im looking for that tiger in my tank.

Im even nostalgic for those old Yorkie Choc bar ads.
What about Green Shield stamps... Image . My dad collected so many books and was a treat to go to the store with mam to spend them
skipping to..

Jelly on the plate,
Jelly on the plate,
Wibble, wobble
Wibble, wobble
Jelly on the plate,
any one remember lucky bags.
glass tumblers with your petrol,cigerette coupons,buying stuff on "HP",and i dont mean the sauce they once made in Brum,before they,ehh,"Out-Sauced" it to abroard.I mean "Hire-Purchase".

Co-op stamps too.My very first bank account at,alas no more,"Williams and Glyns"Bank.
Timothy Whites chemist,John Collier ("The window to watch") tailors.

sherbert-dip.penny-sweets.lucky-bags,playing conkers about this time of year.

progress does not allways mean things improve.Football rattles.

Starch in your shirts.
Ah, yes, the cigarette coupons that you could use to buy a car - or perhaps more appropriately an air tank for scuba diving. By the time you'd collected enough coupons you needed the tank...to breathe.

Klackers - Rosemary wasn't being rude - came out in the early 70s, were huge for about five minutes, and then disappeared:
Anyone remember the old coke can ringpulls?My Nan used to collect them for someone to save for guide dogs(along with milk bottle tops!)We used to walk along the street and whenever we saw a ringpull would pick it up and Nan would put it on her finger as the easiest way to carry it!
Chocolate companies also used to have offers, so if you sent say 30 flake wrappers you would get money back.My sister and I used to go round looking for those.We used far more calories walking to pick up wrappers than we ever gained by eating chocolate!

I LOVED lucky bags! Image Image
I used to love leafing through the Player no 6 gift catalogue which my grandparents used to get. Used to save all the coupons and they bought me my very first Animal Encyclopaedia, which is still here in my bookcase. We used to get loads of stuff with those coupons!
And if I didn't get to lick and stick the Green Shield stamps into the book, I used to have a right paddy with my mum.
And the Baby Belling cooker, with the square hotplate on the top. We used to get four saucepans on the top of that cooker AND do the entire Christmas dinner, turkey and all on that little cooker. It was on top of a kind of white metal stand, with legs and a shelf underneath where we used to keep all the roasting tins. It was forever wobbly on the kitchen lino.
Coal tar soap

Wagon wheels when they were bigger

liquorice wood


Dad' smoking Manikin's cigars at Christmas

Stones ginger wine

The smell of frozen washing from the line

Mum perfume Evening in Paris

The smell of the Steam trains

Pat's Mum Woodbine's

The smell of the old fashion sweet shop