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worst possible taste?. - Carers UK Forum

worst possible taste?.

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Another nostalgic thread I started,seemed to inspire this one.

Can anyone tell us of a favorite treat,game,sweet etc from childhood they recall fondly.Or,dare I ask,A Smell-even?.A unique odour which reminded you of a place and a time?.

To kick this theme off.

Golden Wonder Crisps,YUMMY!.

There was a v ery unique,quite distinct, flavor to the Irish brand:"TAYTO" cheese and onion crisps.allways reminded me of my uncles pub,in Dublin,where I first tasted them.VERY YUMMY!.

Victory V throat sweets.

Fine-Fare Supermarket where we first nbought a "Duo-Can".Anyone recall that?.

It was a tin.Divided ibto two halves .Half curried meat,half frice.

OMO Washing Powder.

Carbolic Soap.

Pears soap, I can smell it when I think of it. And my grandfather's pipe, the slightly sweet aroma when you entered the room.
The smell of baking.

The smell of doughnuts cooking...

I'm drowning in a pool of my own saliva here... Image Image
Grandpa`s bogey roll tobacco, Granny`s woodbine cigarettes, warm jammy doughnuts which Granny`s brother brought in every morning with bread and rolls on his way home from the bakery where he worked, and "Californian Poppy" perfume, my namesake auntie`s favourite perfume. Mum was an "Evening in paris" perfume girl.

Happy memories

Take care
4711 perfume was my gran's favourite.

Ajax powder to scour the white enamel sink and to scrub down the wooden draining board.

Jars of picallilli ONLY being available to buy at Chrismas time.

Local VG stores.

The cold meat slicer on the deli counters.

Cheese being wrapped in greaseproof paper, so it always went hard round the edges in the fridge.

Home and Colonial supermarkets.

Aladdin paraffin heaters.
PINK paraffin (man used to come by every month in a lorry)

Corona pop (man used to come by every week in a lorry)

The mobile shop which used to tour the streets

The fish and chip van which used to tour the streets ONLY on Fridays
Walkers cheese and onion crisps, still love em,

Blackjacks and fruit salad,

Cadburys animal bars,

The smell of pickled eggs in the chip shop,

Fresh baked bread from all the high street bakers that once existed,

Coal tar soap,

2stroke oil from motorbike exhausts.

Humphreys from the unigate milkman, along with Cresta pop. Image
The smell of WET coal in the coal bunker in the garage, which was a damp place. Hmm lovely.
Tizer - the appetiser. And gobstoppers.
And Aniseed balls - the ones you used to suck for 20 minutes to chew the little hard centre. Which I assume must be a real Anis Seed?
And I vote for Blackjacks too - you could get two for a halfpenny. I think thats why they always come up - they were affordable!
Rag and bone men and milk - both used a pony cart. And incredibly, tramps and scissor grinders.
That was Leeds in the 1950's. We still had trams, and you could walk for half an hour and feed the pit ponies resting on a Sunday in the fields with apples.
The 'feel' of old money, especially the threepenny bits. I used to love their shape and the feel of the portcullis. They were my favourites.