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On Sunday i thought i had every thing planned but what a few days all went wrong old doll cut arm aunt Lily could not stay as her sister had come over from Jersey for a few days even my trip to belgium is off due to the fact the R.A.C. Royal sun insurance (motability) did not send the document or insuance in time to take car to France/Belgium however i have been told that i will or should get the cash from the lottery for the hero`s return back to france but it`s all woman just 2 old soldiers and me mind you most of the A.T.S. "girls" did serve overseas Image

so sorry for not getting down to Whitehall but well done to all who did make it Image

lil GEORGE Image
((GEORGE)) sorry all your best laid plans went down the Swannee, what with one thing and another.

Still, like you said, at least there's still the bash this summer to look forward to, so it's not all bad.
George, there's no doubt we missed you but don't apologise for not coming - we understand. One of the points we made to the MPs was that many carers were unable to come because their caring life made it impossible for them: all they had to do was look at these boards to see the truth of that. I was lucky - nothing went wrong at home before I left. But it could easily have done so.

We know you were thinking of us - and I'm sure you were there in spirit.
Hi George

We did miss you, and your names were called out by the policeman
at the gate in Downing Street Image however it gave us an opportunity
to tell him and the crowd that carers can only leave their carees
if they are well enough and have cover.

I hope you and the old doll are well enough to go away soon.