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Worrying about your Caree's health - Carers UK Forum

Worrying about your Caree's health

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Had some crazy few weeks. Daughter had her first seizure, could not wake her or hear her breathing but woke up in ambulance talking. Turned out she had a chest infection then antibiotics for this caused severe diarrhoea. Then days later she got chicken pox (and gave it to me)!

Just wanted to say that it is a constant worry about their health too, not sure if it is a one off seizure or the start of many more.

Although she is doing everything they said she never could it does not stop you worrying.
Any kind of illness could have an effect on her vp shunt and require further brain surgery which also have risks associated with it.

I am really trying to keep optimistic though... Image
Hi Anewstart

I hope you are feeling better and getting over your chicken pox now. My Mum had a chest infection a few weeks ago and the Doctor gave her antibiotics that unfotunately gave her severe diarrhoea too! Not pleasant Image
I'm sure you are very worried about your daughter and rightly so.
Sending you hugs and some strength to help you through.
Love Bluebird
hope you have recovered from Chicken pox - I had it when my kids were around 14 - only mum had it much worse!
I do understand about worrying about your carees health - my hubby is having increasing problems with swallowing and chokes quite a bit, all symptoms of his MS.
But when do I need to get really worried?
This is when it comes in handy finding a site or messageboard that specialises in the condition of your caree - whatever it is.

Then you've got a better chance of working out (from others with the same thing, who've got the time and energy to do the reading etc) whether something is normal for the condition, sometimes connected with the condition but worth telling a doctor anyway, or nothing to do with the condition and definitely worth calling a doctor.

Rule of thumb: If it's not normal for you and it's worrying you and you're worried enough to be talking to a bunch of people on the net about it... at least call NHS Direct. If they think a doctor is needed but it's not an A & E thing, a doctor can be sent around from the local out of hours service.
Hi all, thanks for comments, and hope it was a blip of bad health.
Catja, luckily we have open access at local hospital so they have been very helpful.
Latest update....my son now has chicken pox.....that is bad news as we were all meant to be at a wedding! Husband and daughter have gone instead....