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Worried about gran and doctor isn't helping ...help? - Carers UK Forum

Worried about gran and doctor isn't helping ...help?

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My gran is 95 now and is very unsteady on her feet.
I'm her sole carer.
Boxing night she fell and at the hospital her blood pressure was 215 /90 then 205/90 so really high.
The doctor said phone your GP first thing in the morning as she needs medication.
GP rang back and said bring her into surgery ..I said she has hurt herself in fall and struggling to walk..he refused to visit her and said he wasn't putting her on blood pressure medication at her age.
Is this correct?
I'm worried it's so high.
Hi, I'm sorry I don't know re treating blood pressure in the very elderly, but if you are not satisfied with the GP ring 111. Did the hospital give your Gran a discharge note, detailing treatment required by GP?

Ask for a different gp next time.
I'd ring the NHS helpline and explain the situation.
You need a proper medical opinion, and having just Googled a few things, I think you should ask someone other than the GP.
After all, you would always feel guilty if you didn't do anything when you were worried, but didn't do anything. (Sadly, that's the voice of experience I'm afraid, over a different matter).
If she needs bp meds why on earth were they not prescribed at the hospital?!!!! Seems daft.

If she shouldn't be on them, why would the hospital doctor say she should (as is implied by the 'tell her GP' instruction)(ie, if the GP wasn't supposed to prescribe them, why tell him in the first place?)

What are the reasons the GP said for not putting her on them? What are the risks OF putting her on them? And of NOT putting her on them?

Is this actually about them wanting 'nature to take its course'? (ie, a fatal heart attack/seizure/stroke?)
The doctor said they might lower her BP too much and could cause falls and dizzy spells.
I feel so isolated,yesterday I was desperate for the doctor to come out and they refused.
There's literally nobody to turn to for help
When she went into Hosp on Boxing Day was it ambulance transport or did you take her in for a check over? Sounds like she needs to be formally admitted for a full assessment. Ring either her own surgery which should have a 24 hr helpline number or NHS 111 or whatever they are called now, tell them she lives alone, is in danger of falling and you cannot be with her 24/7. Report that she had a fall earlier this week and is now struggling to walk. They will probably go through phone triage and then ask if you want an ambo sent ... tell then she cannot be left alone at home and you cannot stay with her, as they have an obligation to take her into hosp for her own safety.

If you want to go with her, that is up to you, but if she is of sound mind, let her go in for 24 hours and have a full rest yourself before you follow on. Then insist she is not safe to be sent home without carers in place ... can take a while to set up depending on availability in your area, but stick it out. You can still do your bit, but need some professional help in place for your own sanity. If they refuse, then do as your other post says and tell them you will walk!

Good luck lovey, you can only do so much, time to rattle some cages and step back a little xx
She went on as she tried to stand from sofa and over balanced herself.
I feel so guilty
I turned my back for a second just a second.
You are doing you're absolute best in a very difficult situation. How one feels is how one feels but please remember you can only do you're best. Big hug to you. ( )
Hi Sarah,
Maybe I'm lucky, but my GP makes flying visits on my Mum without me asking to check on her..

Your GP should not refuse to come out to a 95 year old to assess her drug needs, at the very least come out and check her up.

Complain about your GP who is a lazy waste of space earning over £100,000 for having a siesta when he should be doing home calls.