Working alongside care agency

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What are peoples' view about family carers involved in their loved ones' care working alongside the care agency involved? My Mother wants me to work with them. When I asked the local authority if other family carers are involved in their family member's care? The response I got was 'not as much as you are'. Surely it's about my Mother and what she want, and not the local authority? Or is it coz the care agency are 'commissioned' by the local authority?
I was always very involved and sometimes worked with double ups towards the end with agency staff. If you want to and are able to carry on, just remember that as things get towards the end not to trust Social Services a single inch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would make sure you stay in control and are not controlled by either agency or SS. Don't hesitate to remind them they are there to support you as principle carer as well as mum so they do as they are told or are out. :evil:
I don't trust SS or the care agency at all. Besides the fact this is the 4th care agency, I have consistently been threatened with my Mother will have to go in a care home to get me to comply and shut up. And they claim degrading and disrespectful situations are, that I limit them in!
I live with my 95 year old mum and she has 4 care visits a day through the LA. We have needed to raise a safeguarding case with the last care agency. We now have another agency. Even with the 4 visits I still have plenty to do - cooking, commode if mum can't wait, meds at sleep time. I don't help the carer(s) but do prepare clothes, hot water for them. I was once told by the LA to look the other way and I'm still waiting for a response to my compliant! So far things are working ok with the new carers. I think there needs to be some level of respect.

Just who is saying mum will have to go into a home and on what grounds? I'd really need to follow up on that. And put it to rest if needbe.