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Just another quick posting to once again to thank Bowling and Charles for their help today. We had a meeting with A Social Worker who originally said they could not fund the extra two calls a day required by my parents and that it would be down to me or they would have to go into a home. I printed off the responses from the two aforementioned forum users and discretely used the terms they advised me of wherever they were needed in the conversation. Needless to say once the Social Worker had got more of an idea on our set-up at Mum & Dads realised just how much I had saved them in monetary terms in the ten years I have been caring for my Dad the tables were suddenly turned and it seemed she couldn't do enough to help. The 4 calls are still in place and are at present being funded by the hospital but she has assured me that when this funding stops there will be no change and we will just continue with the same care company that Dad is happy with and that our contribution will not increase - Fingers crossed she keeps her word folks. The Care Company Manager was present as an advocate and has recorded the whole meeting and he assures me she will not be able to go back on her word. For anyone new to this forum the help provided by more experienced folk who really do care is truly invaluable - many many thanks to both concerned xxxxxxxxx
Brilliant news!

Armed with the right words at the right time and the battle was won with hardly a skirmish.

I do feel so sorry for the folks in the world who don`t have the knowledge to be found on this forum.xx
As they say on the A Team "I do like it when a plan comes together....." BUT it should not be neccessary for anyone to have any knowledge of they system to get the services which they need.
Agree entirely Bowling but personally I'm so very grateful for this extra unpaid advice, only wish my Mum was as grateful, Dad isn't a problem at all but Mum objects to these ladies to the point of being rude at times. They are lovely ladies and have assured me they have come against far worse than my Mum who on the whole is a very nice lady but has these moments of what we can only say need "old age anger management" LOL - On a personal note I have a very poorly OH who has a severe case of "Man Flu" poor chap in 30 years of marriage I've only known him complain of being poorly a handful of times so I know he really does feel sick. So I'm making good use of the good ladies help by staying here a bit longer and making sure he is looked after. - Can't help feeling the overwhelming guilt mind when Mum phones and says "I want you to stop these ladies because although they're very nice I really don't need them" - I'm just going at the moment to make sure they have had their medications, make sure that they are eating and drinking properly and to do the odd bit of cleaning and shopping. I've been told the lifting of my Dad has to be done by the two person team and I MUST adhere to this plan - Onwards and Upwards as they say enjoy as much of this Sunday as you can folks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As always, we have to be strong and firm with agencies and official organisations. If we're weak and wishy-washy they walk all over us and talk over us and make us believe that they know best.
Be strong as best you can and the slightest thing that you don't understand or agree with, for goodness' sake ask.
Why do I get a very nice warm feeling come all over me whenever I come onto this forum - the help and support provided here is priceless xxxxxxxx
Reading these replies. Any helpful advice when works & Pensions visit us on Tuesday morning re us contributing to the help we are getting with my husband who has dementia & Parkinsons and who has recovered remarkably well from the water infection in Nov. which took everything away from him ie. feeding himself, holding a cup, walking etc.