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I'm really in a pickle of financial situation.

now that I've finished studying I want to be able to earn some money because I'm sick of being skint. I do have the time to do some form of work but there are so many problems to consider. Sadly the application season for barrister traineeships isn't until April 2013 and I need money to keep us just about in the black.

1. shift patterns, Sarah's normal active times are between 11am - 11pm. Meaning that night shift would seem to be the only option.
2. changes to benefits, an increase in money is going to lead to my CA being cut and possibly affecting other benefits for Sarah. Therefore I'm faced with a situation where I may be no better off by actually working Image

my mum told me to do some cash in hand work but if I'm found out doing anything underhand then I can kiss goodbye to the law career I've worked hard to attain.

I really don't know what to do.
Sorry I can`t advise you Alex, but sounds as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Perhaps our carers helpline could advise you.

Whatever you do, please don`t put your future career at risk.....it`s just not worth it.xx
Ring the helpline as suggested to see what effect of any working would possibly be.

As regards CA, remember as long as you satisfy the criteria of providing care re 35 hours, you can earn £100.

With Christmas coming up many of the bigger stores take on extra staff. Likes of ASDA have nightshifts if any close to you. Not sure if would suit you but an option.
Short bursts of temp work over the threshold dont affect CA as long as you notify the CA Unit, and if you are still putting in 35 hrs caring pw; its the long term picture they care about. Ask them to look at the quarterly earnings if they are variable; they are very flexible. And you can deduct almost anything to get that income over £100 disregarded, (e.g. I pay half my p/t earnings into a pension scheme to keep below the earning threshold whilst my wife works full time bringing in the main wage) so think out of the box.
If you want to work, then Adult Services should arrange alternative carers for Sarah to enable you to work. Ask then to do a Carer's Assessment for you which takes this into consideration. If you are caring all day and working all night, when are you going to sleep?!?!
Late Night Chatlines pay quite well, according to at least one carer on this list. Most of it is just heavy breathing, allegedly!
With a massive stroke of luck, I landed two jobs at the same place. Thankfully, both are casual and relatively good money. I had my first day of two in training today and then I'm being inducted into the role on the 21st Jan providing I pass training and all my references come through.

Now comes the battle with Carer's Allowance. As they are casual my earnings will fluctuate, so one week I'll be over the limit and the next I may get no shifts and won't get anything. I just hope I won't be financially worse off from working.
Alex, I have an idea that they might be averaged out of a set period. I know Scally has posted some good advice in the past about what can be deducted from income legally so that you can get below the threshold. Might be worth sending him a PM?
Good luck with the job(s) Alex. I hope it works out OK.
I did temping when I first returned to work and the CA was worked out over a quarter, although I had to phone them up first to make sure it was OK. This was a while ago, though, so Id phone them up now and check in case something has changed.
Get yourself very organised beforehand, especially with regards to Sarah, so that she doesnt panic if you are not there. Be prepared for the fatigue too, its very tiring working and caring.
Let us know how it goes Image
Good luck Alex,you have worked very hard for so long now,and I hope you are able to get by financially without any drop in income.
Best of luck.x