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Wonderful news!

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This morning I had a call to my mobile from Margaret in Arbroath. She checked first I was on my own, then told me herself and Toni were planning to come back up again on Thursday until Sunday and could we go out with them and Ruth on Friday night to the Blue Door cafe as an early surprise birthday treat for my OH who will be 72 on Sunday. Margaret couldn`t get her days off changed, but he will just love it. On Thursday night I have to pretend I can`t be bothered cooking and head out for a chinese takeaway and bring them back from the trainstation along with it.

Kim at the cafe is going to set us a table at the back of the cafe beside a couple of comfy couches so after the meal we can lounge as long as we like over coffee and cake. I sampled her latest delicacy "black forest hot chocolate" today and it was divine. Instead a a birthday cake she is going to do a cake stand with apple pie, red velvet cupcakes and apple muffins she makes for diabetics as they are sugar free and gorgeous.

The Blue Door is on facebook if you want to be nosey.

I am so chuffed with my friends who became "our friends". I practically have to beg my OH`s family to remember to send birthday cards and had decided not to bother this year and let him see who his true mates really are.

Joy OH Joy.....can`t wait. Hope I can keep the secret.

Take care
How wonderful Meg.
You and your husband have been through a lot lately,this will be a really happy time for you.
I hope your excitement holds out until they get there to you.xx
Hi meg,
That's brilliant , oh it all sounds delicious , it was like I was going to, the way you
described it, the Blue Doors fancies sound great, black forest chocolate , Mmmmmm.....
Have a great night and have fun.
Hi Meg, that is wonderfull news, hope you both have a wonderfull day. Image
That's fantastic Meg Image Image Image
Great news Meg, I'm sure you'll have a ball!!! Image
Hmm, hot chocolate cake..sounds lush, Hope you have a fab time,very well deserved xx
Have a wonderful time,and i hope your OH has a great birthday. Image Image Image
Meg, what a lovely treat - please save some of the chocolate cake for us Image Image Image
Kim`s speciality is Black forest hot chocolate drink, as sampled today. Her muffins are lovely and as low calorie as she can make them without losing the taste. Not sure about the apple pie but she is from Texas, so it`s bound to be good.

She has a photo of aforementioned beverage on her facebook page today.

Take care