wish us luck

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Robert is going into hospital again on Wednesday to have a procedure done to install 2 vents in his gall bladder in an effort to stop these constant bouts of pancreatitis. I'm really scared but trying not to let son see it as they are going to give him a general anaesthetic which is very risky for someone with his condition. Wish us luck.

My thoughts will be with you, your husband & Rob. A very scary & difficult time.
Best wishes to you all.
Good luck, Eun, hope it all goes well, will be thinking of you all xx
Thinking of you, Rob and his Dad. You must all be sick of the sight of the hospital. If this op stops the need for Rob to have emergency admittance, that will be great. With this being a planned op, the ward have no excuse to have all the specialist equipment ready for his stay. have they met Rob before as well as read his notes?

I don't wish you 'luck' Eun - I wish you the best health care that Rob Jnr can have and hope that the nursing staff are up to scratch !

Will be thinking of you all on Wednesday and hope all goes well.
Best wishes to you all.
Hoping all goes well x
Thinking of you all at this time and will remember you even more on Wednesday

Take care

They still don't have a bed for Robert - been waiting hours on a phone call. His surgery will be tomorrow but they wanted him in sharp today to do all their tests etc but there is no bed available in the brand new state of the art hospital! This waiting is murder - just want him in and get this over with so we can get him home again.

All this waiting must be sheer torture Eun - hope by now there is a bed for Rob so that the tests and preparations can go ahead. Thinking of you all, especially Rob of course xx