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Wind trouble

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At our wits end and have been for a long time. Does anyone have any advice about .... er ..... wheelchair bound carees' parping and air retention problems?
Hubby's tummy fills up with wind, which causes it to swell dramatically, this is so bad that he is too full to eat his dinner some evenings. This also effects his bowel movements (trapped air stops no 2's from coming out). It also effects his breathing, cos his tummy swells right up to his ribcage and is dammed uncomfortable. It swells so much that it even dislodges his chin joystick control, as it moves the frame around, so that he can't reach the control properly.
He does a little amount of parping when he gets in the sling to go to bed, but that's only at the end of the day and doesn't really solve the problem during the daytime.
He can't be 'lifted' up out of the wheelchair, unless he's hoisted and we can't keep doing that every day, life's too short and he won't have all that parlarver every day.
The spinal unit can't help, we've asked and they've seen it (his tummy, I mean).
He's tried prescribed peppermints, Deflatine tablets, Senna tablets, all to no avail.
The only relief he gets from it is to physically go to bed, however early that may be, and stay there to alleviate the aggro of getting him up again.

He is in quite a lot of pain when his tummy swells and it's getting him down.
i'm no dietician but i know a lot of foods can cause wind,so it might be worth googling it and then cut them out of the diet,if it is because of constipation(daughter with nids),i know sodium picosulphate is a good laxative and you take with a spoon and not dissolve in water,those are foul.
Some of the things I would suggest - like stretching - I know aren't possible for Mark Image

and apart from prescribed/over the counter meds the only other things I can think of are Camomile tea or sipping plain hot (just off the boil) water both of which work for me, along with massaging my tummy with circular movements.

Hope somebody else can come up with something more constructive Image
I have read that a tens machine will help(presumably works in the same way as massage).
Hot water bottle?
Or the stuff that babies take?You can't get gripe water now, I can't remember what my daughter used to use for her baby,I will ask her, it worked on him okay!
Also colpermin might work, you can buy it over the counter in the chemist.
Good luck,trying to find some relief for this very uncomfortable problem.
The answer is simples! Image

Stop feeding him liquorice!!! Image Image Image

Or maybe it's the baked beans.

Or the Carlsberg? Now that really gives ME wind! Image

S isn't in a wheelchair but he suffers from a bloated tummy and trapped wind too. He can look like he has a massive beer belly! Certain foods certainly affected him more than others - so it is worth keeping a food diary for a bit. (I have to limit leafy salad, cucumber, onion, broccolli, cauli etc and certain food combinations also make it worse.

A hot pad on his tummy helps; as does drinking peppermint or fennel tea.

There are certain postures that can help too, whether performed by the person or passively with someone else moving the limbs - but I don't know if this is possible for your hubby. (Eg bending knees towards chest/lying on back with legs raised/bending forward etc)

Food - hmmm. Onions and garlic are good for the blood. Brocolli is excellent for blokes' prostate health, hubby doesn't eat salad much. Fresh veg is a must in our house, hence the veggie patch and we don't have any convenience foods. Will have a re-think about this.
GP has suggested that 90% of the air which we all accumulate in our bodies, comes from swallowed air when talking/eating/sleeping. Since May, hubby eats slower now.
It's more the fact that he can't let it out while he's in the chair all day. It's a common problem, I know.
Thanks for your ideas.

As for the liquorice, isn't that supposed to help no. 2's? Image Image
i know it`s a serious problem and we had some issues when STAN became less mobile ...but it`s good we can joke about it ..when i took STAN to the doctors for help i asked the doc if he had anything for wind mmm he gave me a kite ...
Nana, I wonder if your husband has IBS? My mum's IBS is such that she cannot eat any green vegetables - she gets trapped wind and is doubled up in pain. Think an exclusion diet (maybe with help of dietician if you can get referral) might help. Mum can only eat root veg and very limited fruit. Mint tea can also help quite a bit.