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Wiltshire Farm Foods

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Stephen_16071 wrote:
Tue Oct 01, 2019 1:37 am
Any carer knows its hard to feed the person you care for. With a wide variety and healthy options.
I'm not sure I understand why: anyone can cook, anyone can read a recipe if necessary, info about healthy foods is readily available, (although mostly bunk, I've ignored 90% of it for years).
I'm glad you're enjoying the Wilshire Farm meals. Must be cheaper than ordering in four time a week. I know because I used Just Eat quite a bit after my mum died. Ayjay has a good point. With cooler weather approaching, maybe you could experiment and cook up some soup, or a nice stew with vegetables - something that your mum used to make perhaps? Something simple but tasty you could make in one pot, or slow cooker or pressure cooker. Your mum would be proud of you ( she already is I don't doubt)!
I loved cooking for hubby pre and post illness. Its me now, I truthfully have no pleasure in preparing veg etc for myself. The easiest and quickest now. Been like it since hubby went into the nursing home, then sadly passed away in May.
Yes, Pet66, more of a hastle than pleasurable - not to mention 3 or 4 helpings of leftovers for the week!


Hi Stephen

Thanks for this - sounds great. I'm going to look. My Mum hates the ready meals we buy her for the carers to reheat when we aren't there.

it is such a shame that meals on wheels died a death as would be perfect for my Mum.
I'm glad you are all happy with Wiltshire Farm Fords. When my caree was still interested in food, he did not like them. We bought a few and put them in the freezer. The only thing he liked was the puddings and custard - and this was before he only ate sweet things - and puddings and custard were not a problem. The problem was getting meals in that his carers could cook in the microwave. They were not able to do anything more than boil eggs - one of them once made an omelette which he was looking forward to, but she didn't know about omelettes being light and fluffy and produced a cardboard-like structure which I later gave to the foxes.

I can't remember an ordering problem, as we put meals in the freezer. I suppose WFF want you to order regularly?

I have tried Cook!, which are sold at a farm shop not far from here. They are probably more expensive but they taste better. https://www.cookfood.net

I'm just posting that link in case anyone's caree is fussier. Eventually my caree gradually lost interest in food anyway.
leah_1902 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:25 pm
Albert_1604 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:02 pm
My wife and I had Xmas dinners two years running.
Not too bad we thought.
How much are they?
About a fiver.
When we were a family I cooked, to a low level for my dad and we took it in turns.
Dad would put a pie in the oven and call it cooking, I'd do Chicken stew. Dad would put another pie in the oven and I'd make Minced beef and onions. So on and on.

Mum is a vegetarian and while I go out of my way to make sure she eats healthily, I'm not going to start reading recipes to make meals from scratch. We are in a position where money doesn't matter. Mum will be getting a veggie deluxe with large fries tomorrow and if last week is to go by, her burger will be gone before I even sit down to eat my Big Mac..

I'm THIS CLOSE. Because everytime I try to make a helpful post it gets turned against me.
Forgive me but I am failing to see who has turned against you? I haven't for one, it gave me food for thought, pun not intended!
Others have expressed interest and how they cope or not.
What are you THIS CLOSE to?
Good morning Stephen. I wasn't intending to be harsh in any way.

Wilshire Farm meals sound and look really good. They say you can order what you want and when you want it. No pressure to commit to more than you need. I ought to find space in the freezer and get some in.

It is very much to your credit not to resent buying what she enjoys, without slaving away in the kitchen yourself.

I don't suppose the mixed veggies and chips did last long! I suppose writing about one pot meals was a way to encourage me to clean the kitchen and get cooking again. I smiled at the thought of your dad's pie baking. I do that quite often!