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Morning cuppa

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Just wondered how long it is since you got a morning cuppa in bed? The last one I had is when my daughter was staying here for a while (2 years ago). Simple things like this are non-existant to many carers.

Hubby had an appointment today so homecare got here at 7am and woke us both up. No cup of coffee though. Image
Never had one in my entire life Image
how long it is since you got a morning cuppa in bed
On a flippant note, I prefer my morning cuppa in a mug, makes much less mess!!!!

On a serious note not very often as I'm usually up first!!!!!!

Karen x x
I have a cuppa in bed Image i make it before i go to bed and drink it reading the teletext before i go to sleep......i'l bet its years since i had a cuppa in bed in the morning
Last time anyone brought tea to me 1st thing in the morning was last week. Disabled as he is, my husband was still more able to make tea and safely carry a mug than I was. Mind you, had to wait 'til mid morning (when his painkillers are starting to work enough to let him move around a bit).
on my birthday, last month, from my son, who has NEVER done it before, and he's 26!

but it may have had something to do with the fact that a few days later he was off to Finland, for several weeks. He knows that he has been my rock, and I think he was worried that I would miss him - he was right Image
I have a cuppa in bed every morning. We have a 'Teas Maid' and I wouldn't be without it for the world.
When I was a kid, Mum always brought us kids one in bed. When I got married, I used to get Jill one in bed and bring mine up and get back in to drink it! Image

Then Dear old Mother-in-Law bought us a 'Teas Maid' in the seventys and its still going strong!

Pete Image
Gill gets the early morning cuppa in bed. The last time I had one was about 4-5 years ago when I had the grandmother of all migraines and couldn't get out of bed without being sick.

Not had one that bad since then, fingers VERY crossed!
the last time I had a cup of tea BROUGHT to me was over 30 years ago before I left home. My Dad was always the first up and he made tea for everyone - better than an alarm clock !

Nowadays I sometimes make one and take it back to bed if I've got the time - not very often !
I seriously cannot remember having a cup of tea brought to me in bed. I really need some loving Image Image