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Preparing for a bad day - Carers UK Forum

Preparing for a bad day

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Tomorrow after many months of argueing with the council we are finally having our kitchen renewed which is great news in that sense.
However I know my wife is going to get seriously stressed out with the mess and the noise etc, couple to that my 14 month daughter who I know already doesnt like electric drill noise etc inst going to enjoy it.
I cant take them out as I need to be here while the workmen are here so thats not an option and my wife cant go out on her own due to the aggoraphobia.

Its going to be a long hard day tomorrow I think
Good luck for tomorrow Simon - perhaps shut yourselves in the room farthest away from the kitchen with the TV up loud ? (Keeping the doors to other rooms shut as much as possible should lessen the dust and mess too).
We had ours done a while back, out with the old and in with the new.
I retired oh to the bedroom, tv on loud and shut all connecting doors, then popped from one to the other like a yo-yo!
But definately worth it Image
Good luck!
Do you have a garden that you can retire to for the duration of the works? At least that way you all still get fresh air and you might be able to distract your daughter a little while still being home for the workmen.
Good luck.

I had my kitchen and bathroom done about 3 yrs ago, in the summer hoildays with my son here who has Autism, was very stressfull, but we coped.

Hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

Does your living room shut off from your kitchen, music can help down out the noise. x
Oh well that started well, NOT!!

Council turned up at 8am instead of 9 so we were anything but ready and in the middle of trying to get our littlun sorted out, workmen not happy as they want to do it a different way to the way we had discussed with the surveyor, they were basically looking for an excuse NOT to do the job.
I stood my ground and demanded the job be done the way WE wan t it done not the easy way that they wanted to do which would have in effect lost us some of the extra worktop space we are to gain from the work. They are moaning about the electrics that need moving etc but I told them they should have been aware of that anyway but mentioned that our main fuse box is dodgy and marked for works, that was it, job stopped "cant touch the electrics untiol its been done so cant do the job" one phonecall sorted that out so its job on.
They are now ripping the kitchen to bits and making as much noise as they can as its clear they arent happy (the guy is a supervisor too)

The attitude from him has totally stressed my wife out, she is now sitting at the dining table drinking coffee and looking for an escape but obviously due to her aggoraphobia she cant get out and I cant take her out as I have to be here for the works to be done. The drilling (which has got to be done) is upsetting littlun adding to the stress.

As it happens im also due to go out this morning to see our housing officer but it looks like im going to have to put that off for now, cant go out in the garden as the weather is grotty today so we are couped up in the living room.
God Simon,
Hope you and wife can relax tonight, you will both need it.
Thanks Minnie, ive had to have "a word" with the guy about his mouth as it was getting too much for my wife, work must be done but it doesnt need constant loud cursing.

I wish I could take us all out to get away from the noise but alas I have to be here
Now theyve drilled right through the kitchen wall which backs onto the bathroom and blown the plaster out in the bathroom, no apologies just "oh well, I can plaster that" so you should but whos paying for the paint that I need to now go and buy!!

Its turned into a 2 day job and weve just been informed that we wont have a cooker reinstated by this evening, bloody good job I managed to replace the microwave last week,
They don't seem to care very much, make sure they don't cut any corners with
the new cupboards and everything. as soon as they are out the door you all will be
ready for bed, right inconsiderate bunch.