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Will the hassles ever end? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Will the hassles ever end?

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Oh Simon what a nightmare. Hassle you really don't need.

As the error wasn't yours, will you still have to pay bank charges?

Hope you have a smooth run for a bit now, you deserve it.

Not what you need at all Image
Hello Simon,
I had endless trouble with our mail a few years back, complaints to our local office were regularly ignored, and later we discovered were not recorded. It all came to a head when a rare piece of film, taken of our traction engine many years ago, was copied by a friend and sent to us as a video for Christmas. It never arrived. Then I discovered that if you ring the Royal Mail complaints number in the phone book, rather than your local sorting office, it's recorded, and they can check up on, and kick the local office where neccessary. I insisted on compensation every time they mucked up, and a formal letter of apology. Lo and behold, very few problems in the years that followed. On the subject of compensation, you need to have a word with the Carers Advice line, or email them (quick response). I'm pretty certain that in the past, if their failures had caused you financial problems, you could claim overdraft fees etc. back from the DWP. Again insist on a formal letter of apology for the inconvenience caused. Might I suggest that you contact the local councillor about your flats postage problems. Make him/her take the case up for you. I hope that helps.
you can also make a complaint by email. I had forgotten until you wrote that, Bowlingbun.My daughter's postman kept leaving parcels on the pavement outside her front gate!She thought she had not been receiving them,and kept complaining to the companies. One day a man knocked on her door with a parcel. He had just seen the postman leaving it there,and thought he ought to let my daughter know.Locally they did nothing, so she complained online,and it was dealt with immediately.
When we lived in Edinburgh it was a multi storey block and the if the service entry was locked the postie used to buzz up to anyone he had mail for until he got access to the block. We told him just to start with us as we were seldom out.

They give themselves more work carrying mail back than making the effort to deliver.

Agree with dealing direct with the complaints department, and if you use the form from the PO remember to mail it to them, not hand it back over the counter, that`s how they go missing!

Take care