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Will the hassles ever end? - Carers UK Forum

Will the hassles ever end?

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Realised this morning that I hadnt had my income support payment through which should have been paid in on tuesday, what with the new kitchen being fitted I had forgotten to check.

Checked the bank this morning to find im hugely overdrawn as payments have been honoured despite no money in the account. (at least the car insurance has been paid I guess)
Anyway rang DWP to enquire as to why I hadnt been paid to find they have suspended my benefits.
The reason for this is that they had recently written to me but the letter got returned to them marked "Gone away from address" so naturally they stopped my money. A phonecall sorted that out and my money should be here within hours but now ive got to go to the job centre and prove I still live here!

Now weve had problems with the mail here before, wind the clocks back to january, we had a period of 10 days where we had no mail whatsoever which we thought was strange, during this time my dad had also sent a parcel for my daughters 1st Birthday, this too, had gone missing.
Lots of calls to the post office proved fruitless.
So today im back on the phone to the post office trying to find out why an important letter had not been delivered, it turns out that apparently the postman HAD tried to deliver but because it was after 11am the trade entry button to our block of flats had gone off and as such he could not gain access so had simply returned the mail to the sorting office who duly returned it to the DWP.
1st point there is that the trade entry button goes off at 12pm NOT 11am. With regard to my previous calls about missing mail etc apparently the post office had written to me to explain what had gone wrong, again I received nothing from the post office, No no they had tried to RING me but hadnt been able to leave a message, I have a built in answering machine that works perfectly and I dont use BT's 1571 service so thats a blatant lie too.
So I left it and went to my local sorting office to find out exactly what was going on, I spoke to the depot manager who showed me where our sorting block is and showed me that our slot was indeed empty with no outstanding mail.
Apparently the post office have been trying to contact the local council to get the trade button times extended but the guy in charge of it had refused. The post office have now put a special instruction note on our sorting block to say that if they cant gain access via the trade button then to buzz my door and I will allow them into the block.
In the meantime im now trying to get hold of they guy at the council to try and get the trade button time extended to allow for the post as its costing me money in bank charges due to paymenst not being made by the DWP, on top of all this we know that hospital appointments for my wifes strokes have been missed as the hospital have phoned us to ask why we didnt attend and was my wife still with us! Again letters sent but not received.

On top of my caring duties do I REALLY need all this greif?
WHY cant people just use a bit of common sense and do their jobs properly in the first place? It would save so much hassle....
oh Simon you really seem to be going through the mill at the moment.

Why did the postman not just ring the bell anyway? or would that have been using his loaf
My thoughts exactly Booksey, the postman we have now seems to be devoid of common sense.

Its SO important that we get ALL our mail, I know for a fact that my wifes hospital results were posted out yet weve never received them, we found that out when they phoned us to enquire as to why we hadnt attended an important appointment .
STILL waiting for the guy at the council to come back to me too.
Simon...seems like someone needs a good kick up the preverbial at the Post Office. They have no idea sometimes what their actions (or lack of them) can mean to others.

With regard to the hospital appointments, I know that at some hospitals they will text you to remind you/advise you of hospital appointments. It may be worth looking into this if you have a mobile?

Hope tomorrow the sun shines on you and your family (and that the kitchen is looking good!).

Bell x
Thanks Bell

Your not wrong about the PO they are a complete pain in the rear end.
Havent had time to touch the kitchen today with all of this going on there just hasnt been time what with getting my money sorted out again and going to the PO as they couldnt or wouldnt answer the queries over the phone then chasing up the guy at the council, now that was a laugh in itself.

4pm and the guy from the council still hadnt come back to me so I phoned in, he was there but wouldnt talk to me and I kept getting fobbed off with him saying "its been fixed" HOW? I havent spoken to him so therefore he couldnt possible know what the problem we have is, I giess he must be a psychic or mind reader or something, anyway the upshot is that I asked to speak to his manager and got told he was the manager, so through to the complaints dept I went only to be told they will email him AND HIS MANAGER!! along with our housing officer who knows full wello the situation here, all credit to her she has been brilliant.

Its been a horrible day, im tired now and i cranky and have no more patience, my daily quota has been well and truly used up!
Still got littlun to bath, bottle and bed, wife to get settled and some housework and general tidying up to do before I can even begin to think about getting any real rest.

Im sorry folks, I must sound like a right moaning old bugger lately, Just seem to be having a really crap time with more crap thrown in for good measure and its all getting to be way too much!
Simon...you don't need to apologise! It never rains but it pours as they say and you seem to be having thunder and lightening thrown in for good measure. Really hope things get sorted for you all sooner rather than later.

I think many of us here have had times when you feel like you are climbing up a hill and as you get near the top someone is there ready to push you back down again.....keep going Simon, there is often another path on the other side!

Bell x
This all has an alltoo familier ring .Sadly,it does not surprise me at all.It is hasstle.BUT that is life today,well some days more then others.But your among friends here.
If you can't have a good moan on here, where can can you?
That's what we're here for so no apologies needed xx
Sorry to hear about all the problems, but well done you for trying to get on top of them, keep up the fight.
I hope today is a better day for you
Simon, I hope today is a better one for you,and that you were able to sleep last night.
That postman sounds a bit of a cretin. You would expect him to use his loaf as hospital and DWP letters are clearly marked and he must know that they are important! Image
The flats near us are locked after 11.00am. I know that as I used to work in them decorating.
I dont know how the postie gets on there, as our post has got later and later over the past couple of years.
I have always found our general PO to be very helpful here, but their quick to point out that 'Were Post Office Counters, not Royal Mail.' They dont seem to work together very well.

Sorry you've had such hassle Simon and they've caused you unnecessary bank charges.
Might be worth asking your bank to waive them under the circumstances. They are human at times I've found. Image