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will Dp's for carers pay for laundry? - Carers UK Forum

will Dp's for carers pay for laundry?

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I really do need a laundry service weekly, but it has to be for incontinence soiled items, therefore ordinary laundrys cant/wont do this.
Would a carers assesment pay for this through dp's ?
And how would I find a firm to provide this?
I have a bath full of soiled items, cant face trying to wash them and get them dry, going to put them in the bin .
Ive been so ill this last 2 weeks, and hub has the same severe chest infection now, I had to get out of my sick bed to carry on caring as we all do, I just cant do all this washing anymore.
Who do I contact re this, bearing in mind my caree refuses to be assessed.
Or, do I just keep binning the washing and buying new stuff on credit?
Ive binned duvets, sheets, clothes, towels etc because I just cant face washing and drying it all , if only somebody wouold come once a weekto collect and deliver it back, what freedom it would give me. Is it too much to ask?
We cant claim any benefits, so does this stop me from getting a tiny bit of much needed help?
Mairie, contact your local social services as a starting point: this could be treated as part of a carers' assessment as although it's linked to caring it would be a service to support you and needs no contact with the person you're caring for.
Make social services your first port of call.

Here in Scotland when the "free" personal care came into being the home-carers would not do any laundry. They were there to get the person up, washed and dressed and breakfasted. The homecare team said laundry came under the banner of domestic...end of story............HOWEVER........they would change the bed linen once a week. I wrote to the Scottish Executive who had a list of Personal and Domestic chores and queried their reasoning. Surely without being allowed to wash the linen and tumble dry it how was someone living alone with no other support supposed to have clean linen for the following week, likewise their clothes.
The first reply back was via homecare who said they would set the washer going for soiled linens.. My old dad being a cunning chap had a few dribbles of Lucozade on a few items (it looks like urine and I don`t know anyone who would "suck it and see"school of thought) and the carers promptly put it in the washer with an all-in-one tablet and set it going. When the carer comes back the next day it goes in the tumble drier............. job done, not difficult, so I never worked out what all the fuss was about.

I had the benefit of a grant from PRTC for a washing machine and tumble drier when I was left with laundry for four and no appliance. This was a godsend and it has a rinse and spin programme on it so soiled linen goes into that, then the main wash and never has to be left steeping anywhere.

Hope you get some help soon.

Take care
Yeah we have a similar prob though not on a scale like yours.The wife occasionally has to throw knickers Away and it costs a tenner every week to buy half dozen pairs.The laundrette refuse to handle smelly washing.I wish you luck and hope you get some form of help real soon
It takes feeling really crock to show where the breaking points are. You have my empathy and sympathy Marie as I too have truck-loads of soiled laundry, often daily.

I reckon laundry will come under your carer assessment, not your carees, since it is you who does the laundry. So perhaps request an emergency assessment. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a twice weekly laundry service. There are services who cater for nursing homes and heathcare centres who will undertake heavily soiled linen; try Google for 'laundry, nursing, your area'. If you put the laundry into the wider picture of all your caring duties, I would hope your Local Authority will see the benefit of helping you with this huge chore. You will also have to make a strong case against the use of continence pads/pants which is always the first port of call but not always suitable for the caree.

Meantime, have you tried using continence sheets under your caree? I use the disposable ones (the washable ones, erm, need washing!). You can get big ones that cover a wide area. I have also used these under the duvet as a primary cover, though they tend to get shoved away during a seizure, but they add an extra possible protection. (These come from my local continence clinic). I am unable to use a waterproof duvet cover as they make my caree too hot and induce seizures so it's trying to 'catch and absorb' rather than full duvet protction.

Just some thoughts that may be of help?
Our local council provide a laundry service to the elderly/disabled.There is a nominal fee per bag but the bags are massive and hold several lots of bedding,towels.They even do duvets themselves.Clothes were not done though.
May be worth asking if your council has the same service and if they launder said items if soiled.
Hi JohnBoy

If you have a PRIMARK store locally you can get a pack of 5 pairs of ladies knickers for £2 - sometimes they are reduced to just £1 per pack !! We get them for Mum, they are very nice cotton and wash well - they have different styles (full, bikini, midi etc) to suit all (young ladies to pensioners !!!!). The only drawback is that they can come up a bit on the small side, so buy them one size bigger than your wife would normally have.

Hope this helps !

I also have my washing machine on at least once a day, today it was four times. My Carers assessment didn't cover laundry costs. I just grit my teeth and hand wash the most soiled items and then put them in the washing machine. I have also thrown alot of nightclothes and sheets away, but now I buy supermarket home brand sheets to keep the cost down. It's still spending money that I don't earn though. Image
Bluebird x
Thanks so much everyone, you have been so kind. I have a lot of information to think about now and will see what I can find out this coming week.
My love to all of you .
Ive managed to wash the lot today, cant afford to tumble dry it though, have put it all on the cistern to dry over the next week or two.
Seems to me that a laundry service is needed by many of us, it would help us so much.
Thinking of you all,
hi Bluebird

Charity shops are a good source for cheap bedlinen - I've bought quite a few sheets, duvet sets etc at prices ranging from £1.25 for a double sheet to £3 for a double duvet set. Just check them over before buying - they have usually been laundered before being donated but I give them a quick go through the washing machine before using. If I see them I often buy them just to stockpile - that way we don't suddenly run out !