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We ended up going to a stage 3 complaint with this one. Day centre managers and Learning Disability nurse called a meeting of "professionals, "behind our back, then went to our GP and got him to sign forms, after they had lied about us, which he signed before we could get to see him. At the stage 3 complaint,Social services still did not acknowledge that they had done any wrong, and we had to do a separate complaint for NHS, as the Learning Disability nurse had started all this in motion.I could prove that Social Services had lied, thankfully, and the LD nurse was horrified when I showed the paperwork at that complaint. They had also lied to her. The NHS set all in motion to correct everything they had made a mess of, and remove the lies from ous son's medical notes. Social Services still won't look at the NHS report, as they say it is a different department, even though the LD team combines services. It is useful for them to be able to wriggle out of problems so easily.
My goodness - you poor thing, you sound as if you have been through an unnecessary hell with these "people", I think it must be part of their job description to act like a bunch of bullying dictators - good for you for pursuing the complaint, however I feel sorry for all that you had to go through - must have been so stressful and added unnecessary stress to being a full-time Carer too.

Obviously they can't prioriitse and do their job properly Where they on holiday when they had to deal with the Baby P & Victoria Columbie case then?

Nevermind - at least you know their true colours! Image

They are one big joke

In a perfect world, what question would a social worker ask of clients?
-- Do you want fries with that?

What does a social worker without a job say to a social worker having a job?
Two Big Macs and a Coke, please...

What is the difference between God and a social worker?
-- God doesn't pretend to be a social worker.
-- God is unapologetically judgmental.
-- God admits the Social Worker could be wrong.
-- God tells his clients that Social Workers do exist.
-- God will talk to a health worker
-- God CAN be shocked.
Just come off the phone from talking to my sister. She says we are able to take life a bit easier now, as our children are grown-up. I said my life is more difficult. She said "Well not so difficult as when the children were small". I told her actually it is much harder now, than it was. Partly because as I get older I am more tired, and partly because of the bureaucracy surrounding the care situation. And, unlike her, I can't go out for a meal each week or have a takeaway when I feel like it, or do my shopping at 7pm when the fresh food is reduced by large amounts. I don't say anything usually, as it is easier just to agree,I don't think she knew what to say, when I sopke the truth tonight.

We can't do this for any reason other than love, can we?All I want is enough money to live on, and have a treat without juggling constantly.
That's exactly it - juggling. All the time. We emailed about what to give hubby's brother in Brisbane for his up and coming 50th and all we got was a load of descriptions about their 10 day holiday in Thailand with a load of their mates. Not, 'how are you?' even. I'm fed up with the 'it must be hard for you', comments from people who don't know. Because of our 'love', we are STUCK. Because of the 'money', we are STUCK. And in my own personal opinion, our so called Great Britain really isn't as GREAT as people say it is.
Jawohl SS!

A social worker is facing a mugger with a gun. “Your money or your life!â€Â
Come on lola, be fair, one or two are caring and good Image . Actually I have come across the social workers from hell and a couple of really good ones, shame that they are not all good, the good ones can transform lives.
I have a number of good friends who are/were social workers. All are genuinely caring professionals, but they are often let down by the system within which they work. Every one of them nods agreement when I tell my social worker joke:- In a room with a gathering of social workers there is a black board and a white board, but within two minutes a social worker will jump up to point out the "grey areas".

I wouldn`t want their (paid) jobs for all the tea in china, though given the red tape we carers plough through on a regular basis and our life skills from an early age into dotage, we would certainly be well enough qualified to do the job. Biggest difference between a carer and a social worker seems to be "common sense".

Take care
We must be lucky, over the past 20 years we have had contact with many good social workers and very few poor ones. Between them they have provided a fair amount of practical help to us as a family, helping us at all stages of our journey. Our current one is good, though she hasn't always got it right first time, and sometimes things got stuck in the bureaucracy, she was always willing to learn and try something else.
To be fair I'm sure that there are some genuinely caring and effecient SS workers out there, maybe I might meet one one day - or on the other hand maybe not. Image Hope my sense if humour does not cause anyone offence, just could not resist making fun of the bad guys Image
We don't have 'a social worker'. IF - and that's a terrifically huge IF - we should phone our local SS, we get put through to 'the TEAM', and then one of them will phone us back. Could be any one of a number of social workers, not necessarily one who knows a. us b. hubby c. about our circumstances.
We've been told that the local SS don't assign a specific social worker, a member of 'the Team' will assist us.
Could be Mrs oops sorry it's the SS ....... could be MS Smith, or MS Jones or Mr Williams for all we know, no one person is responsible for us.
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