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Carer morning visit ...

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hi, can anyone advise me on the following problem I'm having with social services who are insisting that my mother has a carer come round every morning..

Because of the distress it casing my mother getting up in the mornings , i been asked by the carer to get mum out of bed so she can wash her ,,,

Now my argument is this , firstly my mother does not want this, she getting quite distress about it , lashing out , they always remarked that if my mother doesn't want to do it whatever that may be we cannot force her ...

They forcing her to wash in the mornings..
Secondly my mother is always clean.. I can manage to wash her or supervise her when washing without causing her any distress..

One last question I cannot find a any helpful information to : what rights does my mother have because she been classified a vulnerable adult ?
Dear Robin

I have no experience or advice to offer, but it does seem crazy that they can't tailor the visits, maybe arriving later to give you a break instead if you can managing the getting up, washing and dressing? I hope you can get some satisfaction from social services.

Hi Robin, welcome back. I'm sorry social services continue to plague you and your Mum.

Vulnerable people can have an advocate who can speak on their behalf. They try and ascertain the views of the vulnerable person by communicating with them, observing them, talking to those involved with their care (carers and care workers) etc This may be worth a try. This would be coming at it from a different angle, as it wouldn't be you arguing for a different care package but your Mum and her advocate.

Hi Robin, Perhaps you could opt for 'direct payments,' then you can control when the carer comes.
thanks everyone for your replies, in short they making my life a misery...

Nothing they suggest ever helps...and what i do suggest they don't want to know..

Now I get direct payments for two four hour slots and that is a great help however the total amount now is less than two years ago however things now are so much harder with mum...

They insist on seeing mum everyday and that's the other reason for the carer visits...

At present this appears to be free however i'm just waiting for that bill,, they did the same with respite..

It is illogical to hassle me when I get £90( i used to get £130) per week from Direct payments however once in Care she will cost the taxpayer over £700,...

Getting visits from a Nurse about bed sores, when mum not even bed ridden
to two nurses from the Essex Sept team remarking that I need medication..

Social Services have too much power and are making people lives a misery,, how can we stop this ?

How does the law stand on this?
Are you obliged to actually let them in the door of your home, if you and your mother don't want them there?
Exactly WHO decided that the assistants should come every day?
It's YOU who says when during which days you need help, surely?

Sorry for all the questions, just thought I'd ask. It's not right that they should hoist themselves on the pair of you if you don't need them to, at inconvenient times when you can cope, and not at the times when you can't.
hi Nana, that's exactly what I want to know .
Robin ring the helpline on here and get a free 30 minute call back from a specialist. I feel and understand your frustrations as we, too, are having negative interventions here rather than them attempting to resolve matters. I don't understand their attitude at all, other than being power crazy loons with a high opinion of themselves!!

They will continue to throw their weight around if you don't stand up for yourself, establish your rights and make them do things properly. You can deny anybody access unless there is a warrant issued and a court order, it is your and your Mum's home and lives here, not theirs.

Get advice and good luck getting a more positive outcome to this.
Hi, some great advise from the 0800 number however Social Services aren't listering ,

First of all I have made it clear mother is getting distressed by the morning visits... and she remarked no in front of the Social Worker...

Secondly, i asked asked for another Carer assessment because things have changed for me and my mother..

Again refused

The social worker in question asked to see mother bedroom and bathroom and kitchen, she made some very nasty remarks...and I refused the kitchen... I haven't had change to do nay housework for over a week..

I 'm now going to refuse access to the social worker as the stress they are creating is simply too much at times.. I will consult with the excellent adviceline once more so i know what the outcome could be ...