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Why are Social Workers so vilified? - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Why are Social Workers so vilified?

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Colin_1705 wrote:The biggest mistake I have made in my life was asking Social Services for help.

If I ever am advised to get help from SS n the future, I feel inclined to refuse any involvement from them
I know what you mean Colin. I have had social care thrust on me because my son is on an aftercare. I would never go to them willingly. They have refused to acknowledge my son at all times and forced me to speak with them...then they've ignored everything said...Right now despite the ball and chain, I am managing to 'divorce' social care which is what I want...They are not trained to be a lead team for someone with health needs or 117 aftercare and they have no idea of Laws on it...They have even taken to ignoring consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, learning disability nurses, GP and lots of other professionals advice including clinical advice against their decisions...and replace it with cuts to service...and their own advice...
jenny lucas wrote:"Carers need to target their anger and pain appropriately if they are to effect any change."

I think this is an important point, but is open to discussion.

Yes, it's true, carers do need to target their anger and pain appropriately if they are to effect any change...BUT, the point is, at the time when they need support they are under such stress they are very often in no position to perhaps I may put it 'think rationally'.

Yes, we all know that the way to successful resolution is to 'handle the other person well and skilfully' to get the results we want - we all do this in everyday life all the time.

But the 'misdirection of anger' towards the 'hapless expert' is precisely because they 'draw the fire towards them'.

I went through a horrible horrible experience when my husband was about to be discharged from hospital in end stage cancer, basically being 'sent home to die'. I was SOOOOOOOOO angry that it had come to that! SOOOOOO angry that 'they' (ie, the doctors) were 'writing him off'. So much so that I totally lost it with his oncologist, and yelled my head off at him to get away from my husband's bed and never come near him and threw him out! (I'm sure I gave all the minion nurses a really good day - boy, they must have enjoyed seeing Mr Call Me God Consultant being yelled at!!! :) :))

I can see with hindsight that I was, probably 'clinically insane' at that point, with grief and terror, and my anger just found the first person in my line of sight to blame.

Now, the onc reacted very properly - he said 'Come and talk' and sat me down and made it 'OK' (well, OK-ish....I dont' give him total credit!)

But he understood I wasn't 'really' angry at HIM personally (part of me was, though!), but at what was happening to my husband. So, he didn't take it 'personally'.

And I say all this because even though yes, what Mick says above is true...BUT, sometimes it CAN'T be true because the beleaguered client/caree is simply not in a headspace to be in control of their reactions in the first place - which is exactly why a SW has been called in, hasn't it? If we could cope without the social workers (or doctors!) we would!

It's therefore up to the social workers to take that on board, and to be given the training to deal with it, and not take it 'personally'.
Hiya Jenny, I am very calm as a person and I have the opposite effect on them...They yell at me and slam the phone down yelling!..."You HAVE to speak to us"..I only said no...The last time they did this (about 3 weeks ago) I said: " listen I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren so don't bother yelling at me as it goes in one ear & straight out the other"...That was enough for a certain one to go crimson in the face and steam to come out of their ears. I'm sure people do lose their tempers with them...It's the things they do. Like you said it comes with the job. The job comes with a 30k price tag...so that's life. It's like a celebrity complaining the paps are taking piccies...They don't because they know it comes with the job and the money and all that...I haven't met any famous social workers...yet...but still maybe in good time.....My books coming on nicely so to speak..'Hook' could cadge a lift on it..if she wants to reveal her double barrelled name...oh lol lol..BTW Mick just to let you know hook is a manager ...oh yes she is...Love it!
Jenny, before any care plan is drawn up, there should be a Needs Assessment for the Caree AND A CARERS ASSESSMENT for the carer. ONLY WHEN BOTH ARE COMPLETE AND AGREED should a care plan be finalised. Yet time and time again, as in my case last year, social workers are ignoring this requirement of the care act. In our own case, M's NA has been in draft form for almost 18 months, mine wasn't even started until months after the Care Plan was finalised.
BB. When did that first start? Is it rationed by the system which grades level and severity of need?

If the caree or patient has expressed however misguided that is, for the spouse or partner not to be told what hey are suffering from, what should happen then, please?

For me and my family, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

The number of people that I have spoken to over the years, and no one has managed to re-assure me that they understand.
Colin, have a look at the 2014 Care Act.
The Needs Assessment will certainly look at severity of need. My son has "Critical" Care Needs which must be provided.
The really sad thing though is that most of the "officers" I've dealt with seem to be blissfully ignorant of what they are supposed to be doing, despite being paid well over £30,000 pa when I get absolutely nothing!
It has always been my view that DWP should have social workers based in their offices or job centres to offer people claimants help and advice
Another thing which annoys me is that sign in local council offices and NHS hospitals, which says they will not tolerate verbal abuse. But some workers in those places can be abusive to. People with disabilities, I find?
Colin_1705 wrote:Another thing which annoys me is that sign in local council offices and NHS hospitals, which says they will not tolerate verbal abuse. But some workers in those places can be abusive to. People with disabilities, I find?
It's always a 1-way street Colin. As unpaid carers I have found we are downtrodden all too often by some who work for the 'services'. We must not be cross about it or else...Actually or else what?...we will be 'told off'?...same goes :lol: Freedom of speech is a human right I believe and anywhere who doesn't allow it is breaking the Law.
Charm, that seems extraordinarily unprofessional behaviour on their part, if they are yelling at you and slamming the phone down! Imagine if nurses and doctors did that to patients?

Can you record these outbursts on your phone?

Yes, social workers have a stressful job. But yelling at the public, let alone a client's carer, is just totally unprofessional.

PS - you can't possibly be a granny! Unless that is a VERY old photo of you! You look far too young!! :)
Maybe we should start a new thread entitled "Why are carers so badly treated?".
Social workers, nurses, etc. are at least paid a good wage as oppo0sed to carers who get just over £3,000 a year, unless they are students, pensioners, or have a "proper" job. In theory, the allowance shouldn't matter too much because those of us who are caring a lot should have been assessed and receive Direct Payments directly from the LA. In reality, only a very "lucky" few ever get it!
We are supposed to be treated as equals, which is fine if we go along with what the social worker wants. As soon as we dare to say "No" any equality soon disappears.
I would love to take my eldest son to meetings, so he could tell them in his own words exactly what he thinks of the way I am treated, but he wouldn't be allowed to do that either as he has a very forthright vocabulary which is not politically correct.
I've had people on the phone telling me I am "rude" although I've never used a swear word to them, but I've been forthright in the way I've put my point across.
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