Why are Social Workers so vilified?

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Every time I read this thread why are social workers so vilified I die laughing choking on my cup of tea...Why is this I wonder?
It was started by an ex social worker, who probably regrets staring it in the first place? :-???
They are vilified because they do Not listen to people, and they often do MORE arm than good.

And they very rarely apologise when they get things wrong.
In fact, they tell all sorts of lies in order to wriggle out of accepting any blame when things go wrong, in my experience
Colin_1705 wrote:It was started by an ex social worker, who probably regrets staring it in the first place? :-???
:lol: Let's hope 'the services' haven't spotted it...chances are they have and will want to know more won't they. Can't see them 'being happy' can you Colin?

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This is purely for fun...Boxing gloves on or off that is the question? :lol:


Why are Social Workers so vilified? Because they don't listen or learn from past mistakes and continue to make these mistakes in order to save money and all the while social workers get paid themselves from the public purse while carers continue to be ignored and excluded from help and often waste time even seeing social care workers who never intend to assist no matter what.
My husband took a turn for the worse seven weeks ago and was very unwell. His carer in the morning struggled to get him out of bed onto his feet to get him dressed and had to call to her office for help from another carer. This happened again in the evening so the following morning I telephoned the care office (local council), to suggest that they really needed to put two carers in morning and night. I was informed later that they had contacted my husband's social worker who said that in his opinion only one carer was required. I asked what the hell did he know of my husband's health since he hadn't seen him for six months! I was furious, however when I reminded the supervisor that it was their staff who were at risk of hurting themselves trying to haul my husband it, they very quickly agreed to two carers attending.

Social workers stick their noses in when it is nothing to do with them. I had two turned up on my doorstep last week to speak to me without previously contacting me, about their concerns with my caring of my husband. They were sent away with an extremely large flea in their ears by both my husband and myself to the effect that he was well cared for, clean and fed. They then contacted the Mental Health Unit to have him assessed as to having capacity to make decisions about his welfare. Ofcourse when the Psychiatrist spoke to him, she was in total agreement that he was in sane mind and could make his own decisions etc.

Both myself and my husband were extremely stressed and upset about all this which had proved to be a total waste of everyone's time. Don't mention social workers to me. Red rag to a bull!!!!!!
Irene, how terrible. They are so controlling and it's all in the name of saving money. I really do believe that the minute we question them, they employ bullying tactics. The result of which is so stressful and frightening.

I'm glad, you have managed to get this all sorted, once again.

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